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Ocean Kayaking – Ride The Waves

If you thought that the calm waters are the only ones for kayaking, you are in for a surprise. You are wrong! Kayaking can be carried out over any surface of water. While whitewater kayaking is very popular, ocean kayaking is another form of the sport which is extremely admired. It is the best alternative for a surfboard. This form of kayaking is growing in popularity by the day.

Ocean Kayaks

Ocean kayaks are slightly different from the usual variety of kayaks. They are slightly longer than the kayaks that are used for whitewater kayaking. An ocean kayak is up to 15 feet long and has enough volume in the stern to keep it on the move. The kayak is long in size to accommodate additional gear that you may require on an urgent basis while traveling long distances. The special design of the ocean kayak is built in such a way that it can be easily maneuvered over rough ocean waters. Many sea kayaks that are similar to ocean kayaks are fitted with spray skirts to ensure water proofing. They are also fitted in with rudders, which are a necessary feature in them.

Staying Safe And Afloat In The Ocean

There is a big difference in kayaking on a lake and in the ocean. You must learn the basics of ocean kayaking before you embark on a journey. Try to go sea kayaking with an experienced partner who is an expert at the job. You must always ensure that the gear that you carry is in top condition and floats. If you are carrying any gear that does not float, you have to ensure that you carry it on a container that floats.

Your own personal floatation safety jacket has to have a lot of pockets to ensure that you can carry your own personal items with you all the time. Another important thing to look at is that all items that you carry are water proof as some water is surely bound to enter your kayak as it floats on the waves.

Finding The Right Kayak

Finding the right ocean kayak shouldn’t be a problem. There are several websites and stores out there that will give you quite good sea kayaks and related gear at affordable rates. But if you have a kayak already that you are using for kayaking on lakes, never attempt to use that for an ocean kayaking trip.

Ocean kayaks have a different structure altogether and you should never attempt to change the basic rules. Buy some good gear or rent it for the first few times. Once you get a better hang of how things work, you can then get your own gear. You can also try a few coaching sessions in ocean kayaking that are offered on all major beaches and sports clubs. This will help you to get a better grip on proceedings

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