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Why Surf Specific Workouts Make A Difference

The sport of surfing is unlike any other sport in the world. There is no other sport where every element is constantly changing and because of that factor, surfing requires an incredible amount of knowledge and adaptability. I have been surfing for 20 years and can speak for experienced and non experienced surfers because I have seen both sides of the spectrum. It took me about 10 years to reach a level of experience where I was comfortable on the wave and had a bag of tricks under my belt to claim the intermediate status. However when I reached that level I noticed that no matter what i did there was no room for improvement, my physique wouldn’t allow progression after a certain point in my surfing career. That is when I realized that all the working out and stretching I did up until that point was holding me back.

You see, surfing requires muscles to be working all at the same time and in very specific motions. The workouts I had been doing were all working one specific muscle at a time, limiting my bodies performance as a whole. In order to progress my surfing into the advanced level I need to find workouts that worked every muscle at the same time and that were specific to surfing movements.

With research and determination I discovered the Total Surfing Fitness program, this program is fairly inexpensive and it walks you through hundreds of super specific workouts. After reaching the halfway mark in my surfing and hitting the ceiling of my performance in the water I was frustrated. I knew there was a whole level of surfing to be tapped into that I just couldn’t reach on my own.

I invested in the Total Surfing Fitness program and the relief I’ve received from knowing how to improve my surfing is a life changer. Being comfortable in 15 Ft + surf and having the strength in my core to withstand wipe outs in those sized waves is something you can’t put a price on. I used to always struggle when I’d bottom turn up to the lip and go for an air. I’d never be able to get the board high enough or be able to hang on once I landed. After working out using the Total Surfing Fitness program and their aerial specific workouts, I can loft huge airs over sections and stomp them like there’s no tomorrow. That’s not bragging, that’s results anyone can achieve once you understand the proper way to train your body to surf harder and faster.

Cooper E Pullin