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Nail Care Services: Experiencing Manicure and Pedicure in a Day Spa

A healthy nail naturally looks good, but a good looking nail does not necessarily means that it is healthy. This is the reason why having regular nail care services from a reputable day spa should be a common practice.

Nail care services include manicure, pedicure, and other nail enhancements. Contrary to popular notions that nail care services are easy to do, there are only a few professionals who actually practice giving out quality services after years of training in nail technology schools.

Indeed, you can practice nail care at home. However, you need to go to a day spa once in a while to have your nails thoroughly checked. It is like maintaining a healthy body every day, but going for general checkups with the doctor every now and then.

The first of the nail care services offered in a day spa is the manicure. A manicure is mainly a treatment for the nails but it can also be soothing for the whole hand. Most manicure treatments today include a hand massage in a day spa. Manicure services include filing of the nails, shaping of the edges, nail treatments, hand massage, and of course application of nail polish if you want to have one.

The next among nail care services in a day spa is the pedicure. A pedicure is one way of improving the appearance of your toes and feet. This service helps prevent nail diseases and disorders that are very common to toenails. Just like manicures, pedicures are not just limited in the treatment of the nails. The dead skin cells found at the bottom of the feet are typically targeted by modern day pedicure. Aside from this, a brief leg and foot massage is also given to people who avail of pedicure at a day spa.

 Last but not the least are nail enhancements. Nail enhancements are done for those people who have very damaged nails. As nail technicians wait for the natural nail to start healing on its own, artificial nail enhancements may be applied first.

There are basically three types of nail enhancements that are out in the market today. These are the acrylic, gel, and fibreglass or silk wrap nail enhancements. Their difference lies mainly in the method of their application. Acrylic enhancements are mostly applied in liquid or powder form. Gels are pre-mixed with photo-initiators that makes it set under UV light. Fibreglass on the other hand are enhancements that uses a wrap acrylic system.

Every nail enhancement that are approved for use nowadays are organic which means they are safe to use. However, there are instances when nail enhancements cause further damage to the nails. Most probably the damages are due to improper removal or overfilling by a the nail technician. Remember that nail enhancements should only be removed by professionals. Never pry it off with brute force.

These are the three most popular nail care services that you can avail of at any day spa in your area. To achieve healthy and good looking nails, only trust your nails to well trained nail professionals.

Melissa Langley