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My TOP 4 Exotic Destinations

Summer is coming and with that said, there are people, who can’t stay in one place (talking about me). Seeing warm weather outside, no one can wait for their vacation days and you can’t blame them, can you?

As a travel lover, we have this mental distortion – the more places we see, the more we realize how less of the world we’ve seen. Because, the world is huge and every foreign place leaves a deep impression in our hearts.

Here is my TOP 4 destinations, I have yet to see:


There isn’t a culture you can ever confuse with the Ancient Egyptian – original, popular, inspiring and let’s face it, the ancient Egyptian rich folk definitely had style. The mythology of the ancient deities created captivating art and archaeology that can send you back in time with only one visit.

Even though Egypt hit some political bumps, the tourism keeps going like always. If you already decided to spend a vacation there, I recommend a cruise on the Nile. This is the best way to see all the incredible temples and pyramids, and at the same time to travel in 5-star accommodation.


The first thing one must think, when hearing exotic destinations is Japan. As a person with deep appreciation for the Japanese culture (and anime), Japan has a special place in my heart. The choices are well divided into the four geographical directions – you can go in the technological Tokyo on the east coast; visit the traditional cities in the west – Osaka, Kyoto, Nara; vacation in the northern winter resorts in Hokkaido, or in the quiet summer resorts on the southern islands.

I, for one, prefer the traditional western cities, since I’m a culture junky.

Also, there isn’t such spring beauty in April and May, like there is in Kyoto. The old capital of Japan is one of the most beautiful places you’ll see in the world. The tranquillity around the Hanami celebration can make you stand in awe.

The Maldives

For those, who aren’t into exploring, but prefer to just lay in the sun and rest, I recommend my favourite group of tropical islands.

If you look at the Maldives from a plane, you’ll have the feeling you’re on another planet. Imagine crystal clear water. You walk into the ocean for kilometres and the water level is always up to your ankles. Imagine falling asleep in a bungalow placed above the water and waking up to the sound of the calm ocean.


For the more adventurous type, who’d like to find new exotic places, I recommend Peru. Mountain tourism and hiking are an unforgettable experience.

Ashley D Davidson