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Measures for Effective Skin Care

If you want a healthy skin emitting in radiance and glow then get all the possible information you need for it. Information can be known either through online. Do some research on the best skin care products available and try to acquire some of them.

Spending money on the products which does not suit your skin type is not a good option. Just buy the skin care which suits your skin and here are some measures given followed for a beautiful and healthy skin. First let us consider the factors which govern the health of our skin.

Skin health and beauty depends on:

  • Maintain a balanced and nutritious diet.
  • Proper and adequate sleep
  • Increase the water intake.
  • Get exposed to fresh air and light.

There are also other factors which affect your skin and since skin types differ from person to person, each person is affected in a different way. Skin problems are not only influenced by the external problems but also due the internal factors of the body. Some of these factors can be controlled by us. Taking care of the skin is the first step for a healthy, glowing skin and if any advice is asked regarding this then most people would recommend a skin care. But research your skin type before going for any skin products.

Let first get to know the different skin types:

There are four types of skin: Normal Skin, Dry Skin, Oily Skin and Combination Skin.

Normal Skin: This is the best type of skin and anyone having this skin type consists of a supple, healthy and clear looking skin. For normal skin very less skin care is required.

Oily skin: Excess oil present in the skin leads to this skin type. Oily skins develop pimples and spots and the important advice for oily skin is to get cleansed frequently.

 Dry skin: This skin type cannot retain moisture or normal skin and they deteriorate with time resulting to early wrinkles. The person having dry skin must follow skin care advice strictly in order to avoid premature ageing.

Combination skin: In this skin type the forehead, nose and chin are oily and the cheeks have dry skin type.

Some tips for a healthy skin:

  • The vital agent for skin care is water. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day will wipe out all the pimples away from your skin.
  • Exercise regularly as it increases the oxygen intake and blood flow which influences both your body and skin.
  • Do away with smoking as this causes yellow teeth and creates spots on your skin. Moisturize daily your skin and neck. This helps to slow the ageing of skin.
  • If you have an oily skin, choose the moisturizers which have less oil content or no oil content. Don’t neglect the skin care for this to avoid the formation of pimples and spots.
  • Do not get over exposed to sun as this increases the heat in your body thereby causing pimples and rashes.
  • Avoid eating junk food and follow this strictly if your skin is oily and prone to acne.

Take these measures for maintaining a healthy skin and along with this use the appropriate skin lotion. Epicuren is one of the effective brands and found to have good results among the users. Epicuren Lotion is available online and the user can select according to their skin types.

Marvel Ramprasad