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The best remedies for hair breakage due to various causes

Hair breakage and split hair ends are two of the most commonly occurring hair problems in women of modern age. There are different causes for these hair problems with effective solution in each case. There are utmost natural and harmless solutions of hair problems in adult women of all age groups. Rapid hair fall also takes place due to these hair related problems. Thus, the best suitable treatment must always be applied for these problems. Some of these hair problems with solutions are discussed below.

Hair Dryer Breakage is one of the very common types of hair problems in modern women across the globe. Hair dryer is apparently the best fashionable friend of every woman. Most women apply the hair dryers almost every day to make their hair look more fluffy and stylish. But there are some negative effects of hair dryers. The hair is chiefly made up of three layers- cuticle, cortex and medulla. The cuticle is the outermost and the most exposed part of human hair. This hair part is badly damaged and become dry by repeated effect of heat generated by the hair dryers. Thus, these become weak and break easily.

There are various types of Split Ends Cures caused due to different reasons. If hair breaks due to dryers, then you should stop using the hair dryers. Instead, dry your hair with the help of moist and cool towels and expose your hair to cool natural air. The application of the H2 Ion solution also helps in preventing hair breakage due to prolonged hair dryer usage. Regular oiling of the hair ends and scalp with natural coconut oil is also a good solution for this problem.

There are certain effective home remedies for split hair and hair breakage problems. One of these includes treatment with the mixture of olive oil and egg. The mixture should be made in a small bowl and applied smoothly all over the hair uniformly. After applying the mixture, it is to be kept undisturbed for 5 minutes. After that herbal shampoo is to be applied all over the hair and scalp to remove the mixture residues. The split hair ends become normal within a few weeks of this effective, natural and economic damaged hair treatment. It is a very popular hair damage home treatment for women.

Vitamin E is one of the most essential components of human skin and hair. Thus, women must use shampoo, hair creams and oils which are very rich in vitamin E. They also must consume vitamin E rich food products and items. Daily natural hot oil treatment over the hair can also cure the hair breakage and split end problems occurring in women. They must comb their hair at least three times a day for good effects of all these hair treatments and remedies. The dermatologists also suggest the application of medical oils over the hair and scalp to reduce their hair damage related problems.

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