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Lip-Gloss, what’s the colour you prefer?

So you wake up in a morning with one thousand and one decisions to make, and the colour of lip gloss is one of them, it’s probably up within the top ten most important decisions to make.

So what colour do you choose?

Well if you’re getting up and getting ready for your daily grind at work, depending on the type of clothes your wearing, so you’re wearing the usual office attire, grey or black skirt with white blouse, you could go with the usual colour of dark red or maroon.

Maroon is probably a sensible option depending on how you feel and who you work with, after all you don’t want the boss or the office male (who thinks he’s gods gift to women) stare open mouthed over you and thinking improper thoughts because the sexy shiny red you’re wearing just makes your lips glow. It’ll also match what you’re wearing respectively.

Of course wearing red or bright red is totally acceptable to be worn in the office if that’s what you choose, it is free country after all, and how dare the boss or the office alpha male think otherwise.

Although why just think of red or maroon, the are many other colours such as black, now many presume if you wear black lipstick or lip-gloss then you must be a Goth, well I’m sure most people and I do say most people because Goth blokes do wear black lipstick as well as the girls, however I see no reason not to wear black lipstick on the odd occasion, OK it may not be the norm, but hey, to hell with the norm, if your feeling in a dark sort of mood then go a head girl and you give yourself the Goth look.

Other colours to consider, might be pink, again this beautiful colour could be worn to the office and may or may not attract the same attention as red, but with all that a side, pink is a beautiful colour and probably shows beauty more than the red without being as obvious as the red, depending on the shade that is. Pink can also be worn for a night out, it looks great with most evening wear and if you’re on a date, well pink lipstick or lip-gloss can have a great effect on showing what great lips you have which may end up being a plus in the mind of that date you maybe trying to impress.

Blue and greens are other colours that can be worn, but not seen a lot, not really colours to be seen in the office, but for a night out with friends, blues and greens look fantastic as a change to the norm, well we all fancy a change now and again and these colours give you that option.

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