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Jennifer Love Hewitt Feels Lucky with Her Dancing Baby and ‘Awesome’ Husband

Jennifer Love Hewitt has a baby, and a husband, with all the right moves.

At just 4 months old, baby daughter Autumn James already has quite the appreciation for music, and is learning to groove along with it.

“She loves Pharrell and Drake. She’s big into hip-hop and Latin music for some reason,” the actress says in an interview airing Tuesday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show — a program that Autumn also seems drawn to.

“The second the show comes on and you start dancing, she does this weird kick thing with her leg, and she gets her little chair,” Hewitt, 35, tells DeGeneres. “I think she’s gonna be a dancer. I really do. She loves it.”

Hewitt and DeGeneres also joke about her last appearance on the show. The actress, who was early in her pregnancy at the time, showed up in a dress that didn’t leave much to the imagination, especially up top. “They grew first in the pregnancy,” she says with a laugh.

Hewitt married Brian Hallisay, her former Client List costar, right before Autumn arrived — “five days before she was born, basically,” Hewitt reveals. It was a small wedding — “just the two of us, and then we went to Bed Bath & Beyond, because that’s what married people do,” the actress jokes.

Now, she couldn’t be happier. “He’s an awesome, incredible father and a great husband, and I just feel really lucky,” she says.

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