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Important Facts About Tooth Implant

There are many patients, who have been suffering from tooth conditions like denture soreness, decreased chewing ability, missing teeth, or loss of facial structure. The good news is that there is a permanent solution to all these above mentioned tooth problems. Thanks to dental expertise for bringing solutions like tooth implant or tooth replacement. Before you go to the dentist for tooth replacement, here are some important facts you must know about dental implant.

Dental implant is process in which tooth roots that are made from titanium are placed into the jawbone to hold replacement teeth. For your dentist to recommend implants, you must be in good health condition, have a strong jawbone, and have healthy gums. Tooth implants are less successful, if you are a chain smoker. Dentist’s recommendations are also influenced by some of the serious health conditions like diabetes and osteoporosis.

It is important to note that dental implants have high rate of success. Many people opt for tooth replacement these days because the surgery is safe and the implants last for many years. However, patients are required to maintain good oral hygiene for best results. Dental implant patients are recommended to spend more time flossing and brushing their teeth. Additionally, they should go for regular dental checks and receive X-rays.

Often, dentures, bridges, and crowns are at high risk of damage, but their replacement procedure is easy, and thus, requires a day or so get replaced completely. But, generally, the healing process of the implant requires a time period of at least seven months before they are restored. But, generally, four to six months are required for the implants to become completely secure.

People, who wear dentures, have a constant insecurity that their dentures will fall out while eating, sneezing or laughing. But, once the tooth is replaced, they completely get rid of their insecurity because replacement teeth are securely attached to the implants, forming a stable foundation. People, who wear upper denture, cannot please their taste buds because it covers the roof of their mouth. However, with implant supported replacement teeth, they can certainly savor the taste of everything they eat.

Unlike dentures, Tooth implant does not affect your appearance because implants preserve the bone and thus prevent the deterioration of the facial structures. One can easily clean implant-supported crown like a natural tooth. However, the cleaning process of a tooth-supported bridge requires a lot of time and the use of floss thread.

The best thing about tooth implants is that it has a high rate of success and can last up to 25 years, if everything goes well. Dental implants are designed to give a permanent solution to the patients suffering from missing teeth. However, there are various factors that contribute to the long term success of the tooth implant. Some of these factors include home care, regular maintenance and check-ups.

The documented success rate of dental implant is over 95%. But, there are rare occasions when the bone is not securely attached to implant, making it an unstable foundation. In this case, a new implant is required to be placed. Patients are advised not to smoke and put too much of pressure on the newly placed implant as it can create problems with the bone bonding to the implants.