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How to take care of your Swarovski Jewellery?

Swarovski crystals are every woman’s dream, but not all women get to lay their hands on jewelry by Swarovski. Only a few lucky or rich ones get to flaunt these cherished jewels. It is believed that Swarovski brings out the class and elegance in a woman. The sad thing is that women tend to show carelessness towards these prized items over time. No doubt when possessed newly they show care and concern, but with the passage of time these delicate beauties get neglected. As a result of wear and tear, these rare beauties lose their charm. To prevent you from repeating the same mistakes, here is a list of the do’s and the don’ts to be followed while handling Swarovski crystals.


• Take off your Swarovski jewelry as soon as you reach home. It should always be the first thing to be done on reaching home from a party or outing.

• Swarovski jewelry must be worn at the end. Once you are done with all your dressing up and make-up activities, only then shall you wear them to give a finishing touch to your look.

• Store your Swarovski jewelry in properly padded jewelry cases to maintain their quality and to keep the sheen intact.

• Do clean all body oil and sweat smudges off your Swarovski jewellery after each use. It will help retain the new and rich look of your Swarovski jewelry.

• To clean soiled Swarovski crystals, use a solution of lukewarm water and a few drops of mild detergent. Make sure that the crystals are dried well before you store them.

• Polish your Swarovski crystals with a dry, soft and lint-free cloth every once in a while to keep the dazzle in place. Once the polish gets covered under the layer of dust or sweat, it would be very difficult to bring it back.

• Do remove your jewelry before engaging yourself in any kind of sport activity or exercise. Even before going to bed, make sure your Swarovski jewelry’s safely stored away.

• Do make sure that your Swarovski jewelry does not get any sharp blows or extreme pressure.


• Don’t use perfumes, hair sprays, beauty creams or make-up with Swarovski jewelry on your body. The crystals are too delicate to bear the effect of the chemicals found in these products.

• Do not allow water to come in contact with your Swarovski jewelry in any form.

• Do not involve yourself in any kind of activity which would make you sweat. Sweat is not good for the texture of your Swarovski jewelry.

• Do not let chlorine, sulphur or any related chemicals come in contact with your Swarovski, they run the risk of discoloring your crystals as well as loosening the jewelery setting.

• Don’t expose your jewelry to high temperatures, and never store them anywhere close to a heat source.

• Don’t ever keep your Swarovski jewelry out in the open if you don’t intend to wear them. You run the risk of tarnishing your expensive jewelry.

Owning Swarovski jewelry is a blessing. However, letting your negligence spoil these would be an irreparable loss, you would regret it all your life. A bit of care and concern is all they want from you and they will prove to be your greatest asset.

Swarovski jewellery are delicate and they are supposed to be kept in jewellery cases.