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How to Clip Your Fingernails and Toenails

It doesn’t really matter how long one’s nails have to be since how they look is a matter of personal preference, but their appearance will definitely have a lot to say about the person wearing them. You can go for long nails to look fashionable or short and trimmed if you work actively with your hands. But whether they are long or short, it’s important to keep them looking trimmed and clean.

For a safe and easy way of clipping and trimming your nails, Milton Keynes nails experts have the following recommendations:

Things you’ll need:

Clippers. There are different clippers for fingernails and toenails so you need to prepare the right tools for the job. Small to medium-sized clippers with slightly curved blades are for clipping fingernails. Large clippers with straight blades are for use on toenails.

Nail file or emery board. Used to shape nails and smooth uneven or rough surfaces.

Bowl of water for soaking nails before clipping.

Optional: Clear nail polish.

Optional: Moisturizer.


  1. Preparing the nails. Soak your nails for a few minutes in the bowl of water to help soften them and make clipping and trimming easier. This is especially important for toenails as they can be tougher to clip. Soaking will also help prevent nails from splitting. You can also simply clip your nails after taking a bath or a shower.
  2. Clean your clippers by rinsing them in rubbing alcohol. Dry it completely to prevent rusting.
  3. Clip your nails using the right clippers. Start clipping from one side of the nail making sure that you align the curve of the blade with the curve of the white part of the nail. Squeeze the clipper until you cut the nail completely. Two to three clips per nail should be enough.
  4. Wait for your nails to dry before filing. Filing wet nails will leave them rough and jagged or worse, split and crack.
  5. File your nails to shape and smooth them. Use gentle strokes starting from the side going to the center of the nail. Make sure to go in only one direction. Don’t file your nails too low into the sides and corners so you don’t weaken them.
  6. If your nails are weak, use the clear nail polish to help strengthen your nails. Simply apply the nail polish under the tip of your nails.
  7. Apply moisturizer on your hands and feet especially around the fingers and toes to keep cuticles, the tissue at the base of the nail that protects newly formed cells that make up the nails, moisturized. This will help keep cuticles healthy and your nails strong.

Peter Smith