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Know Here – How To Do Make – Up ?

There are times when you have to decide whether you have to apply a more natural , understated make – up or a more striking make up depending upon the occasion to suit your mood as well as the outfit. Sometimes to most of us who are used to applying make – ups to change looks to a greater extent can feel that wearing a natural make – up is a lot like going out naked. But fear not ! When it comes to make – up there are few things that you must take care for making you look 100 % which will allow you to feel confident at the same time.

Know – How to do make up ?

Firstly, a clean, cleansed face is absolutely necessary before you start applying any sort of make -up. Most of the moisturizers work as the best base for make up and those that come with sun protection formula are a way better than that. Nothing will age like a sun and even in the winters you have to protect yourself from its harmful rays. It is always important to use a face wash that comes along with some anti -oxidants that are important for keeping your skin look fresh.

When it comes to applying the base, you must know that there are so many foundations available out there that it can be difficult to know which one to choose. The most important thing that you must know when it comes to choosing the foundation is to decide what you want it to do for you. This is important for you to decide whether you want a even covering or a thicker covering in order to hide your acne or blemishes on your face. There are some important tricks and tips that can be used to transform your make- up and keep it lasting all the day no matter what. The start of a long lasting good make -up is the application of the primer or moisturizers. Using the primer or moisturizers is the best way to ensure that foundation sinks into the skin and sets correctly. If your skin is dry, the make – up will flake and tug as it is applied and if your is oily, the make up will slip and slide as your face grows in oiliness. This is the way you must proceed when thinking about how to do make up ?

After you get the base lasting all the day, it is important for you to prime the eyelids to help intensify the color and prevent the crease. After you apply the primer, you should take care to apply the shadow generously. Try adding a thin layer at first in order to set the primer then build up color as you go to get the intensity and long lasting effect that you need. The more you blend your shadow, the longer it will last. If you shadow is blended well, it will last far longer than if you simply slap it on hoping that it stays.If you have a good strong base, your face color will stay the way it is. Adding things like blush and bronzer to a foundation that has been primed and blended well will add glam to your face color will stay as long as your foundation does.

With lipcolor, it is considered always the best to add a bit of liner under the color to help the natural wear look better. Adding something like a liner underneath gives the lipstick a foundation thereby helping the lipstick to set and stay on. You can also add mascara to amp up the eyes. If you have a good natural base make – up you can certainly add any colors or extras to take your look from day to night.

Alisha Jain