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Hair Transplant Surgery: The Different Surgical Techniques

Plenty of men and women these days suffer from hair fall problems. As a result, they have to search for effective hair restoration therapies. If you are having the same problem, you must search for an effective remedy with all your sincerity and dedication. One does get plenty of options over the internet. So, choosing an effective therapy is not as easy as you think. If you wish to find a fruitful remedy, you need to do a little bit of research. If you want your hair transplant surgery to pay off, you must give it some time.

What Kind Of Surgery Will You Need?

At the present moment, only two effective hair fall therapies are available in the market. These methods have a proven track record and are capable of producing satisfactory to excellent results. Among these two methods, one has better success rate in terms of follicular unit extraction and growth. Moreover, it is also more cost efficient than the other.

What Will Be Your Best Option?

Follicular unit grafting or strip grafting is the most effective method of hair transplant. If you wish to make the highest number of grafts (around 3500 to 6000) in one session, you should opt for a FUG. This method involves the removal of a strip of scalp hairs from the donor area. The scalp hairs have an intrinsic ability to grow wherever you place them. If the scalp has an optimum elasticity it makes a huge difference in the hair transplant results.

The scalp consists of a firm staple grip and will start to loosen after 10-14 days. The follicular unit graft method usually causes a small scar on the extraction or grafting point. A qualified surgeon will always abide by the latest techniques to offer with the best hair transplant results. Carrying out the surgery with the help of latest surgical techniques will make the scar almost invisible. The FUG method usually offers plenty of options and can yield very effective results. A completely bald man can now have a head full of hairs, thanks to the FUG transplantation technique.

The second most efficient hair transplant technique is known as follicular unit extraction or punch grafting. In this method, the doctors usually extract the hairs (in groups of 1-4) from back or sides of the head. In this technique, the surgeon has to use a specific tool to make a 1mm think incision to remove the follicles. Even though scarring is literally untraceable, it will remain on the head. This technique enable the doctors to implant 2000 to 3000 follicular units at a time. This technique is usually ideal for small term sessions.

Thinks You Need To Consider Before Taking The Call

Cost is a crucial factor in every aspect of our life. So, before opting for a hair transplant you must think about the cost involvement of the surgery. Try and verify your eligibility criteria before going under the knife. Look for a reliable surgeon if you wish to build your confidence before the surgery.

Will The Surgery Hurt?

You will initially feel 5-6 needle pricks at the first stage. The doctors desensitize the area locally by pricking small needles into it. After this, you will not experience any more painful moment. But, if you feel any pain even after the anaesthesia, you can always tell your doctor.

Choosing the right hair transplantation technique will end all your social embarrassments permanently.

Vinay P Rai