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George Clooney: Sandra Bullock Is an ‘Unbelievable Mom’

Louis Bullock‘s love for George Clooney is a two-way street.

Following Sandra Bullock‘s confession that her 4-year-old son has requested man time with her Gravity costar, Clooney admits the adoration is mutual.

Unfortunately, he jokes, the same can’t be said about the actress!

“I haven’t babysat Louis, but I’ve spent some time with that kid. He’s a good kid,” Clooney, 52, told PEOPLE at Tuesday’s New York premiere of The Monuments Men, a film which he both stars in and directed. “Sandy — I don’t know. But the kid’s good!”

All kidding aside, Clooney gives Bullock credit for being an incredible — and “really, truly fun!” — mom.

“Honestly, I can make all the jokes I want about Sandy because I love her, but she’s an unbelievable mom,” he explains. “And that kid’s unbelievably great.

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