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France – Your Ultimate Honeymoon Destination

The country of love and romance, France is one of the favorite honeymoon destinations. If you are planning to go to France on your honeymoon, then you better do some homework and be well prepared for the trip. Some basic information mentioned below can certainly help you and ensure that you and your love have a good time.

Timing is Important

Would you not like to walk with your partner hand in hand midst beautifully colored trees, with pretty flowers in full bloom while a soothing breeze softly touches your face? For that, you need to plan your honeymoon at a time when you can enjoy the outdoors.

Winters are freezing and you will not be able to enjoy if the cities are covered in a blanket of snow. A good time to visit France would be either in spring i.e. during the months of March and April or in autumn i.e. during the months of September and October. This way, you can avoid the peak holiday season rush and enjoy the beautiful colors of nature. You will also get pleasant weather if you go during these months.


Staying in touch with your friends and family is important. Get a France SIM card and save enormously on your phone bills. With a local France cell phone rental deal, you can easily contact your family back home without worrying about your phone expenses.

Get a data package on your SIM as well. This will let you have access to the internet and will allow you to share pictures of your trip with your family and loved ones.


The cities in France have well developed transportation systems. A very well established arrangement of bus and train networks can help you move around. To commute from one city to another, it would be best to take the TGV trains. These trains help you commute quickly and are pretty reliable. If you are looking for a cheaper means of transport, you can get overnight trains. These trains will cost less but will take more travel time.

If you have a France cell phone rental data package, you can use the internet to find more information about the different routes and commuting systems. This way you can compare costs and travel times and choose the most feasible means of transport.


France is known for its food, especially its cheeses and wine. Fortunately, food is not that expensive and you and your partner can enjoy French cuisine to its fullest. France is known for its baked goods and delicious desserts. Give your taste buds a French adventure by trying some well-known French desserts like Creme Brulee (baked custard) or crepes.

If you both enjoy alcohol, it would be best to buy French wine over other options. Wine in France is cheap and is made locally.


It would be easier for you to communicate in and get around France if you know a little French. Try learning a few phrases that can help you communicate with locals on a basic level. Learn phrases that allow you to greet people, talk to shopkeepers, taxi drivers and ask for help.

There are many apps available at mobile stores that teach you basic French words and phrases. If you have bought a France SIM card with a data package, you can download such apps and learn a little French.

There is one more advantage of learning this language. French is usually known as the language of love and sounds very sexy when spoken. Knowing a little French will surely impress your partner.

Have a romantic honeymoon!