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Foods to avoid before you go sailing

Sailing just like any other body exercise requires one to be very fit and active. The person sailing the boat must be very alert and the strength of his body must be high. In order to ensure this level of fitness and to keep any type of fatigues at bay some foods should be completely avoided before you go sailing.

These foods often make a person lethargic and their consumption leads to undesired results. Some of these are describes below–

Many people feel seasickness when they are sailing for a long time. Lack of water in the body is a major reason behind this seasickness that happens due to the motion of the boat. So if you want to avoid being sea sick while sailing do remember to intake a lot of water. This will ensure that your body does not dehydrate. However, do not consume any alcohol or liquor, as this will make you feel dizzy. This type of fluid will not help you in any way to avoid dehydration. So keep clear of these types of fluids.

Do not go sailing on a very heavy stomach. Have your meal at least a couple of hours before sailing. If there are hunger pangs then low fat and dry wafers can be taken. Any instant energy bar which has multiple grains is also a good idea. However, never set sail on a heavy or over fed stomach. This is very vital since you must feel light to enjoy the charter to the most.

Avoid all types of fried food before sailing. Fried food makes one feel heavy and the energy level goes for a toss. Energy is the main factor when you go sailing so you cannot compromise on it at any cost. So avoiding any type of fried or deeply fried food is a good option. Eating light helps you junk on the energy. This can be positively reflective on your sailing trip. Store up on the vital energy so that you get to make the most out of your sailing trip. The best news about going sailing is that each day is way different from the other. There is no scope for boredom or even repetitiveness on your voyage.

 Any greasy food must also be avoided; grease may be in the form of oil, butter or cream. The consumption of these foods can make you feel as if you are tired. This must be avoided in order to ensure that you have high stamina and energy while you are out in the open sea.

Many energy drinks are on offer these days. These drinks are quite suitable for sailors before they go sailing. Also remember to carry with you some dry food items which can be stored easily for long.

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