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Things to do in Colombo

It’s back! It’s is back on the tourist map! Sri Lanka is an inherently beautiful country, and of course, lush green is the color that comes to one’s mind when one thinks of Sri Lanka. And when you think Sri Lanka, you also think Colombo! Well, somehow that just comes out of your head! The capital of this island nation, Colombo is vibrant, culturally diverse with many places to explore.

Here are some interesting things to do while in Colombo:

Fort: When the colonials ruled this island nation, the Fort was…well a Fort. It is surrounded by sea on two sides with a moat reminiscent of European castles on the land-facing side. Today, the place is a mix of brash urban jungle like the World Trade Centre, but all is not lost. Cargills and Millers uphold the legacy of the colonial era. Those red brick institutions…those were the times!

Galle Face Green: The Dutch wanted the cannons of the fort a clear line of fire, and that is how this long seafacing lawn known as Galle Face Green came into being! It is a great place for a walk, jog or anything in between. Kite flyers and street food vendors will keep you occupied if you ever feel tired of staring at the sea, which is highly unlikely.

National Museum: If an enigmatic Buddha smiles at you at the entrance, it is only the beginning of a great experience. An art geek will have a field day here as would the lover of swords, guns, and other paraphernalia from an era past.

 Bombay Sweet Mahal: Many roads lead to…the Galle Road and the Bombay Sweet Mahal. And it is not for nothing. Among the Indian sweet sellers, this is the best. The array of candies and sweet meat on display will surely awake the child in you, and before you know it, you will be buying sweets by the kilo, or at least a quarter of a kilo if you are not tempted enough!

Barefoot: Hand-loom textiles on your mind? You have come to the right place. Bedspreads, cushions, serviettes, and other household items you would never have imaged buying…it’s all there. And a great collection of simple yet elegant clothing.

This island nation welcomes tourists with open arms. The fact that spates of Indian low cost carriers operate frequent flights to Colombo is a major factor that has seen a sudden increase in tourists from India to this nation. With many of the carriers offering great deals on air tickets, Colombo is a thoroughly enjoyable yet affordable destination. So go ahead, gift your family a great vacation in this island nation!

Reji Thomas