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Eyeliner Tips For Best result

The eyeliner comes in three forms: kohl pencil, and marker brush. The results and the difficulty of installation vary according to eyeliner selected.

We choose the formula that suits us. Today, most makeup brands offer their version of a felt liner, the easiest way for novices. But there are those who still prefer the brush, others the liner pot. Anyway, for each his method.

Color: the classic line of eyeliner is black of course. But you can choose a dark brown or plum intense will soften the look. It can also dare glitter liner on an evening. Not to mention the liner so flashy like the neon kid, to be reserved for those who are not shy.

For a dash of eyeliner put in value, you must have a flawless complexion and a radiant mine. So first we unify our complexion, and then illuminated with a blush, pink complexion preference for a doll.

Then unifies the eyelid with a nude eye, or slightly pearly if you want a night effect. One can also apply the paint along the bottom lashes, especially if it is pearly to illuminate the eye.

Then apply the liner from the inner corner of the eye outward, slightly stretching the eyelid. The markers used to take the line without it shows too much. If there is a felt liner, so you can stop the line once it has reached the end of the eyelid, then to make a point at our discretion.

 If you make a perature: a cotton swab special eye makeup remover and voila. To complete the fade, you can cover the area with a little blush nude before resuming our line of eyeliner.

For a smoky eye, we can identify the lower stroke of a pencil lashes. At this point, a full turn of the eye is produced, including the inner corner.

As for the thickness of the line is the choice. A discrete line along the lash can enlarge the look.

Thanks to a simple makeup eyeliner black line, you can transform your look (like the cat eye styles for a stunning look), for a make-up daytime, nothing better than eyeliner simple and regular dresses that look without excess line. Thicker, it replaces the eye shadow and draws you a retro look. In the evening, the lid is adorned with color and shadow, black smoky eye for a smoky, midnight blue for trend eyelid gold for the holidays. Eye makeup is an art that gives way to creativity.

Lowell Hale