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What Causes White Spots On Fingernails

Having white spots on fingernails can happen to any one at any time.

White spots on nails can be very confusing, because you don’t necessarily have a nail problem. There really is no known reason for why these white marks happen, although these marks on fingernails can be caused for a verity of reasons.

You could have injured one of your nails, for example, maybe you banged your nail against a chair as you were walking past.

After a bang to the nail, you probably won’t notice anything for a few weeks, by that time, you would have forgotten about banging your fingernail and probably wondering how that little white mark got there.

What you have done is cause injury to the nail bed and the white spot on your nail can be compared to a bruise. In this case, it will grow out as your nail grows.

A lack of vitamins such as, zinc, calcium, iron and vitamind D may contribute to white marks.

A lack of vitamins and minerals has not been proven to be the cause of white spots on finger nails, yet it does make sense if you are lacking certain nutrients. Your body is giving you signs and one of them is these little marks.

If you like to have a manicure done on a regular basis, you may notice white marks on your nails. This can happen because of excessive pressure being put on the base of the fingernail. In this case they need to grow out.

An allergic reaction to certain nail products such as nail hardeners and nail lacquer may cause white spots on nails, as can a mild nail infection.

If your fingernails were to turn completely white, then you have a serious nail problem and it could be the sign of a liver disease. Although I think if you were suffering from something so severe, you would have had other health signs long before your nails turning white.

Yet, if your nails are turning white, a trip to the doctor is in order. You must also be careful these white marks are not the first sign of a nail fungus problem.

Usually, white spots on fingernails are nothing to worry about and they will grow out in time. If you find you suffer from them quite often, I suggest you take the above mentioned vitamins and massage your fingernails daily with an oil such as, solar oil, vitamin E oil or olive oil.

If you intend to cover your white marks with nail polish, don’t forget to put on a base coat first, especially if you are wearing dark nail polish colors. A base coat will help prevent your nails from turning yellow, and help your nail polish last longer.

Over time with the right nail care, you will notice white spots on fingernails become less of a problem.

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