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Eye Makeup Tips for Different Occasions!

In the world of beauty, glamor, and fashion, eye makeup tips are the most important. The focus on the human face has been the cornerstone since vanity has been a desire. They say the eyes are the windows to one’s soul. Thus the amazingly high amount of significance placed on the eyes bears a discussion of three different types of eye makeup tips.

The Formal Look

Let’s say there’s an elaborate soiree you’ve been invited to and it is imperative that you dress to impress. This type of eye makeup requires a level of sophistication and elegance. Subtlety will be marked by placing emphasis on one particular region of your face. The eyes will be a great choice considering that’s where everyone tends to naturally look at.

Make certain your eyebrows are properly and distinctly shaped, in addition to meticulously combing your eyelashes. Leave out the glitter and opt for neutral shades or tones, and remember, less will be more when attending formal events. What natural colors work best? Try green, purple, pink, or gray, but choose the one that best complements your specific skin tone.

Going Out on a Date?

Make those eyes definitely sparkle. Generally, eye shadow that is brighter will bring out your flirty side. But if you lean towards darker shades, it’s going to be sultry and sensual. Either way, ensure the color sweeps up and out, creating a slightly smoky accent. Always begin with a hint of color, and build up from there until you achieve the degree of sexy you want. All the while, to inject that professionally done look, blending will be the key to a perfect finish.

What’s fortunate about eye makeup tips for a date is that fun colors can be experimented with beforehand. A splash of color in an eyeliner applied to the lower lid could bring out a whole new you. Be brave and experiment, if all else fails, seek the advice of a trusted confidant with similar tastes.

Office Meets and Greets

During the day, especially in the morning sunshine, the oftentimes brutal lighting brings out all the defects supposedly masked by makeup. To reduce such harsh realities, eye makeup tips center around keeping the applied makeup as light and delicate as possible.

Attempt to resist employing foundation, but if desired, wear only the slightest bit of it. It is important you do this in the natural light of an open window. That way you see what you get when you’re out of the house. Bathroom lighting will not be duplicated beneath fluorescent lights while you sit at your office or cubicle. Keep in mind that indoor lighting makes people appear greenish and sickly, but this can be countered with warm-toned eye shadows.

What makes it fun is the sheer variety of eye makeup tips available for different moods, celebrations, and occasions. While only three types were mentioned here, there is a palette full of options to choose from concerning eye makeup tips.

Natali Sage