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Does the Anti Snore Mouthpiece Actually Work?

Snoring is one of the most common problems which many people face.  While normal people can peacefully sleep with the gentle flow of air passing from the throat and reaching their lungs the chronic snorers have a lot of problem with regard to the passage of airflow from the throat to the lungs. The reason why people snore is because the air flowing from their throat to the lungs is being obstructed due to the falling back of the tongue during the sleep which in turn causes a blockage of the air passage. The obstructed air passage begins to vibrate the tissues in the throat causing the snoring sound to get loud based on the intensity of the obstruction and friction. In order to have a clear passage for air to travel to the lungs during sleep people often resort to the use of the anti snore mouthpiece which has become one of the most convenient and effective device for the problem of snoring.

The anti snore mouthpiece is a device which is fixed in the mouth in order to reposition the lower jaw in a manner which would decrease the obstruction being cause by the tongue falling back on the throat. The usage of the anti snore mouthpiece basically draws the lower jaw forward. Since the tongue is attached to the lower jaw, when the device actually repositions the lower jaw, it automatically draws the tongue a little away from the throat causing the passage of air to remain open. This results in clear air passage which helps people in eliminating snoring altogether.

 During the initial days of using the anti snore mouthpiece most people may experience discomfort because none of us are accustomed to having any device inserted within our mouth while sleeping.  While some people may complain of slight stiffness in the jaws, the others may experience pain in their gums due to the use of the device.  However with the regular use of this device one not only gets accustomed to the usage of this device but is also able to benefit from its use. If one tries to use the anti snore mouthpiece for a week and is still not comfortable with the product or is experiencing continuous discomfort then one should certainly consult a doctor without any delay.
While normal people can easily benefit from the use of the anti snore mouthpiece, people who consume a lot of alcohol and are addicted to smoking find it very difficult to benefit from such like devices.  While there are many different solutions which can help people who suffer from snoring, it is best to try and gradually reduce the alcohol intake and the number of cigarettes one smokes, if one truly wishes to benefit completely from the use of these products.  So those of us who wish to truly gain the benefit of investing time, effort and money on the purchase and use of the device, should actually make sure we use it on a regular basis and try to make certain required changes in our overall lifestyle.
William Laubach