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Do The Cha-Cha-Cha

The very lively beat of the cha-cha-cha, sometimes shortened to cha-cha, is characteristic of Latin American ballroom styles. The dance was, in fact, named after the lively sound made by the dancer’s shoes scraping the floor in rhythm to the quick beat. The cha-cha is another of the Latin dances with origins in Cuba. The development of the dance into an international ballroom dancing event was achieved with the help of a European man known as Monsieur Pierre.

Beautiful Latin costumes do much to add to the upbeat rhythm of the cha-cha, especially when they feature fabric cuts such as fringe that can fly freely with movement and create a blur of bold color to catch the eye.

Cha-cha is usually danced informally to Cuban music, or Latin pop and rock. Professional ballroom dancing usually features music that is more lively and maintains a steadier beat than Cuban-style dance which has fun changing rhythms.

Dancers learn specific hip and leg movements that are easily recognized characteristics of Latin-style dances. Many ballroom costumes for Latin dancing have extreme hip-accentuating features that draw attention to this key part of the body, such as slits, ornate beading, or extra fabric.

A Latin costume worn while performing the cha-cha is more likely to be short, as well, to allow for free leg movement and to add to the sensual appeal of the dance.

Traditional Spanish-styled Latin costumes feature multi-layered ruffles and often a bare midriff. The spiciness of Latin dancing does not escape the dance, even at the professional ballroom dancing level.

Men’s ballroom costumes for the Latin dances such as a the cha-cha are also more attention-grabbing than their more subdued counterparts, often featuring deep v-necks, interesting accents and pops of color to accentuate the female’s Latin dance costume.

The cha-cha is a very beautiful dance form that is one of the most lively and energetic of the Latin ballroom dances. The upbeat music, the eccentric moves, and the bold style of its costumes work together to create an unforgettably appealing impression that radiates energy and enjoyment of life through dance.

Take the time to learn the Latin dance, and have some fun. It is not very hard once you master the basic moves that make it, and you will enjoy the added benefit of an invigorating workout at the same time. Additionally, you’ll enjoy wearing colorful Latin costumes while strutting your stuff!

Nancy S. Henrichsen