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Cosmetics, what’s all the rave?

Are cosmetics something that young women look up at as something they must wear, because their peers wear them, whether it is, foundation, lip gloss, mascara, cream and so on etc?

Is it something young women feel pressured into wearing, or maybe it’s something else, maybe young women just like wearing make up, it makes them feel beautiful (I’m sure they already are) but perhaps the wearing of cosmetics makes them feel beautiful “inside” or the outside, which ever way you or they like to look at it.

With many young women covering themselves in thick layers of foundation, maybe over and over again, and then a good layer of eye liner, many may disagree they need so much on (maybe blokes, mostly boyfriends / husband) but lets face it what do they know! But maybe women just feel comfortable with what they put on and the amount they have applied, it is after all up to each individual lady.

Foundation – it does have its purpose from just being smothered across any face, well it can be used to cover acne up, and who doesn’t want spots to be covered up. It’s good for the skin tone, but to little, and it doesn’t do much good, too much and well it just looks like someone had a good face paint.

Applied to ones face and it can create a good even and uniformed colour to any complexion, and to cover flaws perhaps in skin tone.

With eye liner – applied to around the contour of the eyes, to create an almost “mystery” to the look, whether it be worn by both women and men. It just has to be the colours, maybe the colour give an impression on to someone looking into the eyes like black and it’s Goth representation or red and it’s cheeky devil and seductive look, or maybe greens and blues for the professional hard working woman.

Lipstick / lip gloss – used since ancient times, even Queen Elizabeth I wore it, when it was blended with a mixture of beeswax and red stains from plants. Similar to mascara lipstick colours can give what some may feel as certain impressions. Red and pink for sexy and seductive, black for the Gothic look, and other colours like blue’s and green’s for “try something different look” or impartial. But different shades of reds tend to be the main colour of choice for most.

Creams or moisturizers – do they really work, is it the anti-wrinkle hype that means the creams are used? Most of them are for anti wrinkle purposes, to get rid of fine lines or to keep the skin looking young and healthy.

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