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Got Something Extra at the Nail Salon?

If you are a regular customer of a beauty salon and do your nail treatments there, ask yourself this – Ever left the salon with more than you requested? An infection Maybe? Some nail salons are havens for bacteria and germs, and a small cuticle cut can cause a serious fungal infection if proper hygiene techniques are not followed through.

The health risks associated with salons, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, include bacterial infections; fungal infections like athlete’s foot, nail fungus and yeast; and viral infections.

Make yourself aware of your salon’s surroundings and sanitary procedures in order to keep your experience pleasant and healthy, otherwise you might regret it. Here are a few tips on what to look for during your next salon visit:

* Don’t be shy to ask how are nail tools, such as cuticle scissors, clippers, and files sanitized? After all it’s your health we are talking about. Heat sterilization or chemical sterilization with a germicide and fungicide is preferred. Some salons take extra precautions by using freshly unwrapped nail files for every client.

* Are you receiving a thorough scrub? Nails should be soaked and cleaned with soap before the service begins. Take an extra look at the soap bin. How does it look? Is it clean enough?

* The salon’s appearances matter. A clean and organized space can reveal a lot about the salon’s practices and employees. Check to see if the salon’s current license is at a visible spot? Is it out of date or renewed? What about the technicians? Do they have a license and are properly trained?

* How about the nail technician herself (usually it is a ‘she’). Does she wash her hands with antibacterial soap, or use a hand sanitizer ?

* After cleaning implements with disinfectant solution, does she dry them with a clean towel?

* When you pick out the polish color, ask for anon opened nail polish. Many salon owners are concerned about unsanitary tools, but what about the hundreds of people who use the same nail polish?

Many nail technicians choose to give clients the nail files which they had their manicures with, today, precisely for sanitary reasons. Don’t be afraid to ask your technician about it.

Another quick warning – If you have allergies and sensitivities to a certain ingredient that might be used in a disinfectant let your technician know about.

For conclusion, make sure you take notice of all the above at your next visit at your nail technician.

Andy Dollinger