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The different types of acne

In all cases oily skin are a lot of acne, they are skins that produce 5 to 20 times more oil than normal. It is most often a hormonal imbalance. The most famous deus: Acne retentional a field associated with oily skin of blackheads and micro cysts (lesion in the skin caused by inflammation of the hair follicle grows). Inflammatory acne, oily skin a lot with blackheads and on which the micro cyst has exploded and gave birth to an inflammatory lesion button type, papule, pustule. It is a polymorphic acne, acne is more commonly known as inflammatory retentive. It also identifies the most serious and most severe forms of acne with lesions such as nodules that progress to scarring.

What are the main causes for the occurrence of acne?

The hormonal imbalance is the main cause. It often occurs at the stage of puberty. This period causes an overproduction of sebum, hyperseborrhoea. Testosterone is converted in the sebaceous glands by the intervention of an enzyme 5 to 20 times more active in adolescence. The boys and girls each producing a certain amount of testosterone, both sexes are affected by acne. 80 to 90% of teenagers are affected, girls aged 14 and boys from 16 years to stop at the age of 20 years. Acne can also persist in adults beyond age 25, affecting 41% of men, 54% women and 78% of women during premenstrual. A problem that dermatologists are not always answers.