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Britney Spears’s London Tour Wardrobe Gets Points For Style and Consistency

For many years, Britney Spears could be counted on to wear a minor variation on two outfits: Sweats, Uggs and a messy bun for play, or a bandage dress with ankle booties for work. Though we understand the joy of a go-to look, we did dream of a day when the star might mix it up and attempt some dressy-casual looks in between her two extremes.

Well, apparently Spears is in the business of making dreams come true, because she’s stepped up her style game a bit for her Britney Jean promotional tour. While in London to plug her new single “Work B***h,” she wore a variety of surprising-for-her outfits, leading us to compile this tribute to Brit’s Brit Style.

First things first: Her hair — whether weave or no — is totally on point. Shiny, well-styled and with recently touched-up roots, it’s finally befitting of a princess of pop. Next up: Her style. She’s not only walking that line between “Starbucks run” and “red-carpet ready” that she so often avoids, but she looks comfortable while doing so, which is not always the case.

From far left, she wears a Philosophy di Natalie Ratabesi peplum top with a Makko necklace and black-and-white wedge high-tops; then she tops jeans with a Joe’s blazer with embellished lapels and adds suede booties; her AllSaints camel coat worn over a white blouse and black pants is surprisingly sophisticated and subdued for the singer (and those Roberto Cavalli sunglasses are on point); and finally, she shows off her figure in a plunging black dress and matching pumps.

We love that Spears is staying true to her style (she’s never going to aim for, say, Miranda Kerr‘s street-style crown) while appearing to come to terms with the fact that “comfortable” doesn’t have to mean “just rolled out of bed.” Major props to the star and her style team for the across-the-pond upgrade.

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