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5 Types of Kenyan Safaris

It is with no doubt that Kenya is home for some of the best tourist attraction sites. With its diversity in wild animals, favorable weather conditions and major tourist attraction sites, Kenya receives tourists throughout the year. Kenyan safaris are in two major categories: Kenya luxury safaris which are expensive and comfortable and the average Kenya safaris. Under these categories are different types of Safaris:

1.    Kenya Bush safaris
Kenyan Bush safaris give you an adventurous and thrilling experience in the bushes while watching wildlife or just enjoying nature. You enjoy this while visiting National parks and/or Game reserves. The Kenyan bush safaris involve bush hunting, game watching, game walks and game drives. Bush breakfast and dinner is also a part of the Bush safari.

2.   Kenya Beach Safaris/Holidays

Just as the name suggests, Kenya beach holidays are an adventure at the beach. It entails a visit to the Kenyan coast and relaxing along the shores of the Indian Ocean. It’s the perfect way to get away from work and all the worries of the world to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere. There are major tourist attraction sites that you could visit while on a beach Holiday. You also get to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner by the beach. These Kenya safaris can either be luxury or average.

 3.   Kenya Honeymoon safaris

It is the dream of every couple to go on a honeymoon after their wedding. If you want an adventurous honeymoon, then a visit to Kenya will make your honeymoon memorable. Kenya honeymoon Safaris entail visiting different places like the beach, mountain/rock climbing, game viewing and many more fun activities. It is the perfect romantic Kenyan adventure. Most tourists love going to the Maasai Mara for their honeymoon.

4.   Kenya Flying safaris

Most safaris are by road, but if you want to enjoy an aerial view of the Kenyan plains, vegetation and animals, flying safaris will be perfect for you. It is the most comfortable way to enjoy a safari. It will give you a breathtaking view of nature and allow you to take perfect photos.

 5.   Join-in/group safaris

The group safaris is the most affordable one.It caters for those with no partners and those who want to spend just some little money. You will be added to a group of people with similar interests and the safari expenses shared amongst yourselves. This helps reduce the cost. Group safaris are also a nice way to meet and make new friends.