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What Are Dermafillers?

Trying to undo the effect of time on your skin? Then the idea of ‘little cosmetic help’ wouldn’t be new to you, though confusion and apprehensions you are undergoing are only common for the uninitiated. So if you are also caught up in the dilemma of opting for it then the following write-up can be of much help.

Ageing is a natural and inevitable process; the earliest sign that come knocking at our doors is the noticeable loss in volume. You may hide the first white hair and conceal the blemishes behind makeup, but thinning lips and cheeks need something more substantial. Thankfully, cosmetic treatments are here to your rescue when you can easily ditch age for a few more years.

Fortunately, you are ageing in an era when something impossible has become possible; when doctors can address the issue without having to put you under the knife. Latest technology allows them to simply restore the plump of your cheeks and the pout of your mouth. Dermafillers, as they technically call it, is a technique that acts like a cushion underneath your skin, making up for the active cells that you lose as you age. So the overall appearance remains unaltered. This gives lasting results and youthful appearance in a more natural way than you would have ever thought possible with makeup.

The technique first saw light in 1976 when collagen was used artificially for the first time. Since, then, doctors have come a far way devising new and more natural derma fillers to replace the volume you lose. The latest technology uses resorbable hyaluronic acid which is the natural ingredient responsible for the youthful plumpness. Its virtue is that it attracts water and creates plumpness but as we age we lose this component. The scientists have succeeded in manufacturing it in the laboratory and this is how present day therapy became possible.

It is administered much like Botox but the two are different in the effect they cause. While fillers will add volume, Botox evens out existing wrinkles and creases by stretching the muscles. What might suit your situation is another issue and a cosmetologist is the best person to answer that. Some patients even take mixed shots to get the best results.

The other question that surfaces with cosmetic treatments is whether it is painful. The answer is of course, since these are multiple injections but you wouldn’t feel a thing. Your doctor will definitely numb the area by local anaesthetics before the process.

So, enjoy the benefits of it carefree, however do make sure that you only approach a qualified cosmetologist for the treatment.

Shivani Sharma