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Top Tips for Choosing a Romantic Restaurant

Whether you are celebrating an anniversary, planning to propose or simply want to enjoy the company of a loved one, the perfect venues are romantic restaurants. Perth residents have a great deal of choice when it comes to choosing a restaurant. However, it can be tricky picking a restaurant with the perfect ambience and atmosphere for your romantic date.

Avoid Clichés:

When many people picture a romantic restaurant scene, it usually features a violinist playing and formal waiters bringing champagne to the table. However, these clichés feel a little staged and the majority of people struggle to relax and enjoy them. The perfect romantic restaurant setting will allow you to feel relaxed and comfortable so you can enjoy each other’s company.

Look for a Menu filled with Good Food:

This sounds like an obvious one, but it is amazing how many people plan for a romantic meal without having any idea about whether they will enjoy caviar or lobster. It is far better to study the menu from your shortlist of potential restaurants and see which has food that sounds to your taste. Even the simplest menu can provide the perfect backdrop to your date if it is in the setting of romantic restaurants. Perth couples should conduct a little research to ensure that the style of food and menu is suited to you.

Pick a Restaurant in a Picturesque Setting:

Your restaurant of choice should also be situated in a picturesque setting. This will provide the opportunity to hold hands and enjoy the views. A restaurant can have a fantastic menu but if it is located next to a huge shopping mall with views over the parking lot, it is unlikely to be romantic. By choosing a restaurant in a great setting, it also provides the opportunity for a romantic evening stroll after your meal which can be the perfect end to a romantic evening.

Try it Beforehand:

If you are aiming for a special romantic evening, why not try the restaurant beforehand. Go for lunch to see how the staff, menu and location rate. Although this will not be a romantic date, it can give you some confidence in your potential venue. If you want your romantic date to be a surprise, why not pop in alone or with a work colleague for a lunchtime sandwich or coffee. You will then be able to assess the venue and ensure that it is to your taste and your date’s.

Check the Amenities:

It is also important to check the amenities of your potential romantic restaurants. Perth couples have all experienced the frustration of being unable to park or find that a venue closes early on a particular day. You can avoid this stress by checking in advance. Even if the restaurant advises on their website that booking is not necessary, it is worth making a call and placing a reservation. Nothing can kill the romantic mood like a long wait for a table.

If you are searching for romantic restaurants, Perth residents and visitors should contact us. We have a comprehensive menu, attentive staff and wonderful location which is perfect for any romantic date. We would be delighted to assist you and ensure your romantic date is extra special.

Jacob Olivia