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Top Attractions in Beautiful Prague

Along with other Eastern European destinations such as Croatia, the Czech Republic has, in recent years, begun to assert itself in the international tourism panorama. This is due, in no small part, to the popularity of its capital city, Prague. Much more than the drinking haven it is jokingly referred to as in novelty t-shirts, the Czech capital is a veritable repository of Eastern European culture and identity – and what’s best, many of its attractions can be easily accessed directly from the airport, via Prague airport transfers.

In fact, the main airport serving the city is sufficiently centrally located to ensure that the main points of interest in the city are no more than a short ride away on public transportation or a taxi. The use of Prague airport transfers, which make no stops other than the ones requested by the customer, can speed this process up even further, granting visitors to the Czech Republic easy access to some or all of the cultural and touristic highlights detailed below.

Culture Cavalcade

Unsurprisingly, many of the main attractions recommended by guidebooks of Prague are of a cultural nature. While not known for any particular achievements in the field of arts, the Czech Republic has, throughout the years, been a breeding ground for wonderful and innovative new artists. A tour of its museums and galleries is a must.

Among these museums and art exhibits are, for instance, Prague Castle, one of the ‘can’t-miss’ attractions in the city, as well as the Museum of Decorative Arts. While markedly different in nature, both these locations offer a lot to visitors interested in history, culture, art or all of the above. The castle is a sprawling complex encompassing a palace, several churches and a monastery, and will provide a day’s enjoyment to history buffs interested in exploring the Czech Republic’s past. The Museum of Decorative Arts is what you might expect – a carefully curated selection of paintings, clothing, and furniture from the neo-Renaissance period, sure to delight fans of this particular point in human history.

When coupled with the famed Zizkov Tower – which offers arguably the best views over the city – these locations constitute the ‘meat and potatoes’ of the city’s cultural scene. All of them are also quickly and easily accessible via Prague airport transfers, giving tourists first arriving in the Czech capital no excuse not to see them!

Social Whirl

Not just the cultural sites of the city, however, are close at hand for visitors coming in on the Prague airport transfers. Most of the city’s main social spots can also be easily accessed in the airport shuttle taxis, in a relatively short amount of time.

Highlights among these include Kampa Park, a riverside park that can serve as the setting for a romantic and intimate meal; hip art bar the Cross Club; and plenty of live venues, of which the Lucerna Music Bar – focusing on jazz and blues – is perhaps the best example.

Lukas Johannes