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To Travel Is To Be Addicted

The adrenaline rush of the adventure and exploration that lies ahead is nothing short of amazing. Today, with the world literally at your disposal via the internet and great airlines such “Alitalia miles” travellng has become accessible and affordable.


Rome is considered one of those exotic places to visit that absolutely cannot be compared to any place else. It’s an epitome of rich culture and history worth decades to dwell in. Rome is a city of lights and is easy to reach via an affordable Alitalia flight.

Speaking of traveling to Rome, one of the top places to go would be the Roman Coliseum. Its massive structure stands proud with 80 arched entrances and space to accommodate up to 55,000 people all at one. The huge arena is one of the biggest attractions and is a must visit! And to make the travel more appealing is the incentive of earning miles while being on holiday! Now that’s a treat on its own.

The Roman Forum, along with the Spanish Steps and St. Peters Basilica is only a few of the other most sought out attractions that are available for touring, exploring and experiencing.


Just the name takes you to heaven. If you choose to fly via Alitalia, you will experience a mesmerizing open air museum that will enchant you its history. Again, this airline offers one of the best rates available and the earning miles incentive still exists! It happens to be the most visited places in the world! The Arno River is beautiful and would a perfect way to relax and unwind. And of course, no travel can be complete without shopping, imagine shopping at the romantic Ponte Vecchio. Master pieces by Leonardo Di Vinci is one of the most exquisite experience of all. And if you choose Alitalia, you will be promised a full Italian Renaissance experience.


If you are fond of fashion and feasting this is the place to go! Being the second most popular city in Italy, Milan is known as the Fashion, industrial design and architectural hub to the world. If you are in luck and interested you can have the opportunity of a life time to attend Milan Fashion Week hosted twice a year! Who wouldn’t want to see models walk down the ramp wearing eye opening drop dead gorgeous pieces by Valentino, Gucci and so many more brands. Fashion isn’t the only thing Milan has to offer, its rich history of literature and architecture will continue to leave you speechless, just take the plunge and travel.

Douglas H Wise