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Three bad habits will destroy the hair

Habit 1:don’t care about hair care project

Even if you never toss your hair — hair coloring, hair, not not not perm, and strictly abide by the Xihu separate the golden rule, does not mean that can enjoy free! This is because in every day, combing the hair, hair or the surrounding environment will damage the hair.

Your sexy hair rule:

● smart foam selected every two days to wash your hair, if possible, the best for soft shampoo, reduce hair stimulation.

The new definition of hair conditioner every time, the focus of attention of your hair not hair roots, so that not only can avoid greasy troubles, can also protect your hair. At the same time, ultraviolet radiation and free radical in the sun will deprive the moisture in the hair, and hair conditioner containing silicone grease to strengthen the protection of hair, your hair is not old so fast!

● comb comb age characteristics you have how long? From a few years, teens used now? In fact, comb with long hair, the absolute harmful, it is because your hair from childhood to now is not immutable and frozen it, according to the hair comb is best choice to protect hair and hair. Of course, bought a new comb not immediately available, the first in the arm gently comb, if there is a “mark” to stay, the comb comb may damage the scalp.

Habit 2: crazy hair dryer

After every shampoo hair dryer does not leave a hand? Whether it is cold or hot, are the biggest culprit hair damage!

● preferred hair first from a moisture based shampoo and conditioner, they will put the protective silicon resin and polymer in your hair. Of course, deep conditioner once a week is not lazy!

● blowing, but don’t blow dry hair, first to the cool wind blowing to 50% dry, then brush the hair open, re-use hair dryer hot air blowing her hair to 80% dry, stop right now, because the blowing down, the hair will be affected!

● away from metal if you like to use hair curler, the best choice of ceramic rod, and do not use metal rods, because the metal bar will increase with the friction between the hair, making more electrostatic.

Habit 3: hair color with variable

Ladies 70% can choose when to patronize salons hair coloring, while more than 60% occasionally will also choose a home for her dyed a beautiful hair color, but the more bright coloured color, may give the hair more trouble, so must the hair do homework!We tend to like microring hair extensions  that is stylish ,but not too outlandish .

● to dyed hair more considerate post dyed hair first need protection because the original hair color hair damage caused by bifurcation, the new products will contain protect hair color components, not only can repair damaged hair, may let the hair color to keep bright, of course, contain rich vitamin ingredients deep conditioner meat is also essential, best can use it once a week.

● color knowledge of choice beautiful hair color will also have the corresponding cost, but must remember — light hair color than the dark hair color to pay more! So if you want to color the original than you light more than 3 color hair color, had better give up!

● leave hair a space, if you just straightened hair, or permed hair volume, it is best to stay 6 weeks “breathing period” to the hair, use this time to adequate nutrition to the hair, make hair a good rest, and then the hair coloring job.Sometimes ,we need glue in hair extensions to give our hair some body .

Maria Clay