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The Truth About Building Abs – Stop Wasting Your Time, Start Working

After weeks dedicated to hard, back-breaking ab workouts, it is not only disappointing but also frustrating to see your beer belly sitting where it always was. Men work hard to build a toned and sculpted body. However, not many get success immediately because their either overdoing it or doing something wrong. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or build six pack abs, it will take time. The right approach can help speed up results. Here’s the truth about building abs. So, stop wasting your time and start working today.

The Abs Are Right There
It is a common misconception that exercising builds abs from scratch. Everyone has abs. The six pack muscle is called rectus abdominis. It starts at the rib cage and extends all the way downwards to the pubic bone. The only problem is that for most men, the abdominal muscles are hard to see. They are hidden under a layer of tummy fat. Diet and exercise trims the fat and thus, tones the abdominal muscles.

Don’t Overdo It
This is one mistake most men make when working towards building abs. In their desperateness to sculpt a flabby stomach and achieve fast results, they do hundreds of crunches per day. It is like having a week’s dose of antibiotics in a single day. It does not help, instead it produces adverse reactions.

A gradual level up is the right way to workout. You should start at a level that you find comfortable. The reps per set should not exceed 10 or 15. When you build stamina and endurance, you can increase resistance by adding weight; do not increase the number of reps per set. Over exercising might result in serious injury.

Also, when working out it is necessary to rest the muscles for the day or two to allow them to recover. Thus, you can work for six days and rest on the seventh; you can divide it to match your convenience.

The Ab-friendly Diet
The Ab-friendly diet is a fat-controlled diet. Unlike women, a man’s body stores fat in the area of the gut. These fatty deposits eclipse you abs. This makes it essential to reduce the overall body fat percentage.

A balanced diet is one measure to do so. Protein is a necessary constituent in a diet geared towards building abs. Protein builds lean muscle which in turn helps to keep fat burning in the body. Eat lean protein such as skinless chicken breasts, fish and egg whites. You should also eat a judicious amount of complex carbohydrates in the form of vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Protein and carbohydrates are best eaten in the morning or before a workout as the activity helps digest it effectively. Drink plenty of water particularly before meals as it keeps a tab on your hunger.

Challenge Yourself with High Intensity Cardio
High intensity cardio is another method to reduce body fat percentage to the required level. You need to challenge yourself with exercise. When exercising, your main goal should involve strengthening the core. The list of exercises you can perform for a rock-solid six pack includes crunches, reverse crunches, oblique crunches, crossover crunches, plank, side planks, hanging knee raise, bench leg raise, jackknife sit ups, barbell roll-out and the seated Russian Twist.

In conclusion, stick with your diet and exercise regimen for at least two consecutive months if you want to see instant results.

Frank Addai