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The Secret to Smooth, Clear, Toned Face – Watermelon and Vodka

This summer, drink up on lots of watermelon juice — it’s excellent for bringing down the body heat! But more than just being a refreshing drink, watermelon juice is great for the skin as a facial toner.

As we all know, toners, well, from the name itself, help tone our skin, giving it a smoother and clearer look. Using a good facial toner is a highly recommended daily habit especially as we age, as this helps in closing up the pores, helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Toners help fight acne too.

But many toners sold in stores contain harsh ingredients that can dry the skin, so to show your skin some kindness, switch to a homemade toner. The ingredients are all-natural – and at least you know what you’re putting on your face, and not wondering what that chemical you can hardly pronounce is from your toner’s label!

The Amazing Benefits of Watermelon…and Vodka?

To give your skin a healthy, pure glow, watermelon juice is the answer. Did you know that watermelon (as a drink and as a beauty remedy) is great for making the skin smooth and glowing? This amazing fruit’s juice can clear the skin of all its blemishes leaving it fresh, bright and lovely. If you love chilled watermelon slices, you can use them to soothe sunburned skin because they have a great cooling effect on the skin.

Now about Vodka. This drink is simply amazing – it has so many household and healing properties! You can use it to freshen your face, (just moisten a cotton ball and apply all over your face) cleanse your skin and tightens your pores! And it doesn’t stop there. Vodka is also amazing for the hair — it cleanses your scalp, removes toxins from your hair and stimulates healthy hair growth! There are so many amazing uses for
Vodka, and we’re just glad that it can do wonders for the face too!

So today we’re sharing this homemade toner made from two amazing ingredients. You can now say goodbye to store-bought toners. Remember, skin toning should be done only after your skin has been completely cleansed. Enjoy!



2 tbsp. fresh watermelon juice
1 tbsp. Vodka
2 tbsp. distilled water


1. Mash a section of the watermelon and extract its juice.
2. Add the water and vodka to your watermelon juice.
3. Dip a cotton ball into your toner and apply all over your face.
4. Rinse your face with warm water.

Note: You can save the remainder for later use. Simply place it in a container and refrigerate. You may use this up to 10 days from the day you made it. Tone your face at least twice a day and three times during the summer months.

Zsa Zsa Bacaling