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The Best Headbands for Straight Hair

Straight hair is the perfect kind of hair to play with accessories. Headbands look great against straight hair and it gives you multiple options for styling your hair around it. Adding headbands to your sleek locks with of-the-moment pieces with give you a chic update to your classic straight tresses. Adding a headband to your texturized, straight hair can up the cool factor of this look.

Bangs Up

Straight hair provides lots of options for your hairstyle. You can wear it up, half-up, completely down or in a sophisticated up-do. If you want to keep your bangs back in place, slide on your headband and push it about an inch past your hairline. Since you don’t want the top of your head to look too flat, add some volume underneath the hair that flows out of the headband. For some extra volume, you can also blow dry your ends to create some flow. A simple, thin headband that contrasts well with your hair is your best option when you want to wear your bangs up.

Bangs Down

If you like leaving your bangs down, there are a couple headband hairstyles that will add an extra boho chic look to your style. Place your headband on top of your head, hippie-style. Let your bangs drape down in the front. This look is best with side-swept bangs – with blunt bangs it can look really harsh. Again, you want to place your headband at the place where your hair meets your bangs. This is an ideal placement for your headband if you have straight hair. You can also add some volume by backcombing your hair at the crown of your head so your hair falls nicely around your headband. When you wear your bangs down, you can play with bigger or glittery headband pieces to create an effortless, feminine look.


Parting your bangs and putting your hair into a half up-do can produce a more creative hairstyle than a simple headband and straight hair. Rachel uses a simple brown, braided headband, but it looks great with how she’s parted her bangs and pulled them back behind her ears. This look is really easy to pull off and gives a slight boho vibe.

Straight Pony

When you think of a ponytail and a headband combo, you probably think, how boring. Actually, it can actually be very classy and it’s very versatile for any occasion. Adding some texture and volume to your straight ponytail can really help spice it up. Be creative with your headband – go for a sparkly or glitter headband, incorporate a braid or backcomb your ponytail to create some visual interest. It’s good to be creative with your headband selection, but don’t pick something that will overpower your face or your entire outfit.

Janna A Hagan