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Ten Tips For Perfectly Polished Nails

Acquiring perfect finger nails is possible to do at home. There are certain tools to buy and items that will make the process feel like you`re at a spa! Some people just go to the spa to have their nails done because they don`t really know how to do it themselves, but with a few steps to follow having a manicure at home is easy and sanitary.

The first step to performing an at home manicure is to purchase all of the tools and supplies. You will need; cotton balls, hand towels, polish remover, hand cream, base coat, nail polish and top coat, scissors, nail file, emery board, buffer, cuticle pusher, nail clippers and a bowl of warm water with baby oil.

After you pick up your supplies and set them up at a comfortable spot in your house, you are ready to begin. The next step is to soak your hands and nails in the warm water with oil for twenty minutes. Soaking the nails will leave them feeling soft and the cuticles around the nails will be soft and ready for trimming.

The third step is to cut the finger nails to the desired length. Some people choose a box cut to start. Clipping the nails is a great way to keep the nails healthy and at a reasonable length. Once they are clipped you can work with your nails better and continue with your manicure.

The forth important step to giving yourself an at home spa treatment is to push the cuticles back using a cuticle pusher. And once you have pushed each nail back, go over them again using scissors to cut off excess skin. This takes a lot of time so try to be patient with the clipping and keep your hands steady to avoid mistakes.

The fifth thing to do for your nails is to use a nail file on them. A nail file will grind your nail and get rid of the sharp edge caused by the nail clippers. The sixth step in the process is to use an emery board on your nails. And make sure that you take your time with this step as well. A great manicure involves using the emery board until your hands hurt from the scrubbing motion.

The seventh step in the process is to apply a base coat to the nails. Use a cotton ball to wipe away any excess skin droppings and then apply the base coat in thin even strokes. Let the base coat dry for a few minutes, it doesn`t take long to dry. The base coat helps the polish stay on longer and gives it a smooth surface to be applied.

Step eight involves applying the actual color to your nails. This is often the best step because you can finally see your manicure come to life! Again use the polish in even strokes. When the color is dry wait a few minutes and then give your nails a second coat. The second coat gives your nails the truest color of the polish you have picked. The ninth step involves putting a top coat on the nails. The top coat looks clear and adds shine to your nails, it also gives it the ability to dry quickly.

Your last step is to let you nails dry properly. You can just sit and watch TV while they are drying or you can pick up a manicure dryer from a department store or pharmacy. When your nails are dry your manicure will be complete, and you will be left with perfect nails!

Roberto Sedycias