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So what is the truth about low priced air tickets?

So you consider yourself a new-age traveler but haven’t tried online booking for your flight tickets? Indeed, you are missing out on a great deal of attractive offers and discounts when you do not buy airline tickets online. Today, a new age of smart, price-conscious travelers are exploring different options when it comes to getting flight tickets at discounted rates. They don’t just visit the local travel agent’s office and leave it on the travel agent to plan their holidays anymore. Instead, these new breed of travelers will browse different travel websites and find out which websites are offering discounts and rebates on domestic as well as international flights.

Today, with the economy opening up, the aviation industry is witnessing a cold war between different airlines who struggle to attract flyers with their last minute travel deals. If you have always wanted to know the secret behind how to book low fare air tickets, then the answer lies in visiting any of the travel websites and browsing the deals announced. As there is a lot of instability in pricing of flight tickets, flyers can easily take advantage of this save few hundred dollars on their international travel.

When you look to buy airline tickets online , you are often under the impression that flight tickets are always sold at fixed prices. However, this is certainly not true. All airlines have their own system of grading when it comes to pricing air tickets. They will allocate a specific number of seats that they want to sell at a particular price. Once these are sold, they will have a new set of seats which they want to sell at a little lesser price than what the first block of seats were sold at. Similarly, the third block of seats will be sold at a further discounted price as compared to the second block of seats. Thus, whenever you are booking flight tickets online, you will not find the same fare at two different times. Suppose, a flight ticket is sold at 100 dollars in the morning, the price of the same ticket may reduce or go up by evening depending on the grading system followed by the airline.

Thus, it is evident that international air tickets fare keeps fluctuating and there are no fixed prices. If you are wondering what is the key formula to get flight tickets at dirt cheap prices, then you should know how, where and when to book the tickets. The time at which you book the tickets plays an instrumental role in determining how much you end saving on your flight bookings. There are many travelers who have greatly benefited by booking air tickets two or even three months in advance.

Urvi Sharma