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Simple Indian Recipes Are Delicious

I would like to add something interesting about the Foods of India. The country has many states and all are different from each other in their culture and other aspects but united together in one strong federation. Well, unity in diversity we call. And now, I won’t be stepping off the topic I am going to speak and let me get into the same now.

Foods that are available in India are to be seen as a separate concept, frankly. There are many varieties that can be tasted and every place in the country has their specialty of cooking. Starting with the sweets and we can go through many variety of foods, curries and different tastes for a single dish in different parts of the country. My personal experience, the fish curry is the dish you will get in different tastes in different places. And, every style of cooking is no match to the other. Surprisingly in some places, the metros in the country especially, will offer every taste from every corner of the country. Local unique tastes, however, though vary slightly but ultimately you will get a feel that you have satisfied your taste buds.

I saw many recipe sites recently and have gone through them all and literally had my mouth water. The sweets, actually I am a big fan of them, and other non – vegetarian recipes really are amazing to see. Frankly, I dreamt of going on a food tour across the country India. Speaking about the vegetarian recipes, I am a hardcore non-vegetarian in fact lol, there are many recipes you will see. A single vegetable is cooked in so many styles and same recipe again will differ from one place to the other. The spices in fact are the reason behind this variation. I would like to throw a word about the Indian spices but would be doing the same next time. Well, now let us go into my favorite foods.

The vegetarian recipes, but I am a non-vegetarian. I say this every time, whenever I hangout with my friends and have lunch together, I generally would love to taste a vegetarian recipe too. The moment I order any vegetarian recipe, I become centre of attraction. Well, I must say there are several vegetarian recipes you will find in India and one day or the other you must taste them all. My personal favorites are those vegan recipes made with cottage cheese, which is also called the Paneer. The Paneer recipes mixed with vegetable too tastes really so yummy. The Paneer is a milk product and the same is cooked across the country in different styles. The vegetables are cooked in many numerous ways and every dish has its unique taste. I generally have never into these veggie recipes but they really are good.

The most interesting part of the entire topic, I must say. Now, adding things about the non-vegetarian recipes. The chicken is the foremost thing that comes to my mind. Well, the many number of styles we come across and every dish really wins the heart of the one who savor the chicken recipes in India. The species play an important role in blending the taste. The rice recipes from some parts especially really are surprising and they are famous. I can name few, Chicken Biryani, Tandoori Chicken, Fish Fry, Gosht Biryani, etc. Gosht means mutton dear friend. Speaking like this, the list is never-ending.

The sweets or the delights we need to speak about and most important thing, we cannot finish a meal without them. Many delights are there and I say that every sweet has its unique taste and every place in the country gives their own mouth-watering touch.

Dilip Chandra