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Rules Of Wearing A Formal Dress

Isn’t it exciting to be invited to a formal event? The main problem with being invited is that you are unsure of the best outfit to wear. If you are planning of going to a formal event here are rules that you should follow:

Be classy

A formal event is characterized by classy women; therefore, you should also be classy. One of the things that will make you classy is the dress that you wear. To avoid looking out of place you should avoid showing a lot of skin. To be on the safe side you should wear a long dress that can be sleeveless, backless, or with a plunging neckline.

You should avoid wearing an outfit with more than one of these features. You should never wear pants. You should also avoid dresses with slits that go past the knee.

If the outfit you are planning to wear has a print you should ensure that it’s not too loud or overbearing.

In addition to wearing a classy dress you should also wear the right accessories. As rule of thumb you should ensure that the accessories are tasteful. You should avoid accessories that have a bad image. For example you should avoid feather boas as they are often associated with showgirls.

It’s good to wear jewelry; however, you should avoid anything that is obviously plastic. When it comes to your hair ensure that it’s well done. If your hair color is growing you should ensure that it’s fixed. You should also ensure that the roots aren’t showing.

Go for what flatters your body

This calls for you to understand your body type. You also need to know the areas of your body that look great and the ones that have an unpleasant look. As rule of thumb you should wear an outfit that flatters your assets while at the same time disguises the problematic areas.

For example, if you have a great body and well toned shoulders you should go for a strapless outfit. If you have a large waist, you should hide it by wearing a dress with corseting. You can also wear a dress with paneling along the ribs.

If you are a small girl you should avoid outfits with large prints. You should also avoid a dress with a lot of ruffles or pleats.

You should pay attention to the fabric and color of the outfit. You should go for an outfit that has a special touch thus will make you stand out from the cloud.

Hera X