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Opting for a Spray Tan Versus Time Under the Sun

In case you’re tired of having pale freckled skin and want to get yourself a deeper glow, tanning is the perfect way to go. Although there is the conventional way you can get yourself some color, a lot of debate about the detrimental effects of prolonged time in the direct sunlight is causing people to consider other options.

While there remains the option of applying lotions and getting some color indoors; you probably are wondering whether you should go the conventional route or use a spa to give your skin the exact shade you prefer.

– Getting Some Sun Time for your Skin

There are some major differences between heading to a spa and getting the desired effect by tanning under sunlight. Even though applying some lotions to protect your skin and rushing to the beach seems like a good idea; there is no way to deepen your skin color to the degree you want. You will be forced to spend hours sweating under the sun to get your skin that flush russet look. Moreover, since you can’t afford to go completely nude, you will end up getting an undesirable bikini line.

This leaves your covered parts a sickly pale shade that takes away from the light auburn look of your skin. Getting UVA rays in an uncontrolled environment, compared to getting them indoors can be hazardous to your health as they have been known to cause skin cancers.

– Benefits of a Spray Tan at a Spa

If you wish to gain that sun kissed look in a protected and controlled environment, then using a spray tan is the way to go. You don’t need to lie in wait of a tan or use SPF protection as it is an easy way to get the stunning golden brown complexion you desire. The best part is that you get to eliminate the exposure to harmful UV rays; and at the same time you can get overall darkening without any patches of light skin. A spray tan takes far less time as well, so you can fit it into your average lunch hour and head back to the office with a radiant glow!

The use of spray tans has seen a sharp spike in recent years for men, as they indulge in their desire to be dark and handsome. It is no longer purely women who wish to look like they’ve spent a sunny vacation in the Caribbean.

Jamie Osteen