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Natural Oils – How Oils in Skin Care Products Can Benefit and Improve Your Skin

If you are looking for natural and organic health and beauty products, you may want to choose those that contain oils which will have a desirable effect on your skin. Jojoba, coconut, rosehip and tea tree oils all have great benefits that can noticeable improve your skin.

Jojoba oil comes from jojoba tree seeds, and from those are extracted this botanical oil. In point of fact, it isn’t even actually an oil, it’s a “wax ester”. The reason this works so well for health and beauty products is due to the fact that wax ester is very similar to sebum, which is the oil found in human skin. The use of jojoba oil can effectively fool your skin into believing that it is doing a sufficient job of oil production, and this will balance any over-production your sebaceous glands may tend toward. This is a theory only, and has not been scientifically proven.

Jojoba will moisturize your skin for the whole day, since it doesn’t have the issue of evaporating, like moisturizers with a water base can. This oil won’t become rancid, and it won’t lose its antioxidants, even if it’s stored for long time periods. It is absorbed well and it spreads easily. Organic jojoba oil has no pesticides, and it is farmed in a sustainable manner.

Coconut oil is made from the coconut palm copra, or sun-dried coconuts. It is an excellent source of nutrition for your hair. It helps you to grow healthy hair, and protects the scalp from lice, lice eggs and dandruff, even if you tend to have a dry scalp. Coconut oil conditions your hair, and helps you to regrow damaged hair. It is helpful as an ingredient in conditioners, as well.

In the area of skin care, you will find that coconut oil works well as a massage oil. It is helpful for dry skin, the way it is for your scalp. The effects of the oil will prevent flaking and dryness of your skin, and it helps to delay skin sagging and wrinkles, which will usually become more noticeable with age. Coconut oil has also been found to be helpful in treating skin problems like eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. It is a valuable ingredient in creams, lotions and soaps used in skin care.

Rosehip oil is made from seed pods that remain on rose bushes after the leaves fall away. The oil is extracted in a cold press process. Rosehip oil is very beneficial for your skin. Since it contains fatty acids, it will help to regenerate your skin, and to smooth out wrinkles and lines.

Rosehip oil has also been used for healing and soothing burns and scars, when applied to the area that is affected. Eczema and dry skin can also be treated by the use of rosehip oil. It is an effective balm for flare-ups of acne, too. It may be used as an essential oil itself, or added to skin care products.

Tea tree oil comes from small trees in Australia, and it was used long ago for many medicinal purposes. It has many benefits, since it is anti-fungal and anti-viral, and it is helpful in treating skin problems. Tea tree oil has been used to help clear up dandruff, acne, insect bite itching, scrapes and cuts. In one study, researchers found that tea tree oil was as effective at treating acne as benzoyl peroxide, and it didn’t result in the peeling and redness that the peroxide sometimes causes. Tea tree oil is also valuable in treating minor wounds, to help healing and in preventing infection.

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