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Must Haves in Your Make Up Kit

Every lady ought to have a make-up kit. Among Asians, they name it the “kikay kit”. For the stars, it’s the “vanity kit”. Whatever they may call it, it must have the cosmetics that can transform one from a dull appearance into a lively, seductive, beautiful “YOU”.

1. Foundation

Select a foundation that is next to your complexion. Don’t buy too dim or too luminous foundation tones. It ought to flawlessly cover up your skin but is still unnoticeable because it looks like you are only just with your skin.

2. Concealer

Do you have any dark spots and scars that you are hiding? Concealer with toners will work for you. Have a confident walk and look people straight in the eyes with no worries about your skin blemishes.

3. Lipsticks

The latest fashion of lip colors are nude colors. They are perfectly simple but if you want to go for dark colors – violet shade will be a perfect choice.

4. Lip coat

Apply a lip coat over the top of your preferred lip color. Try a glossy lip coat with glittery effects on it. Don’t combine metallic lipsticks with shiny lip coats as it will alter the effects of the metallic lipstick.

5. Lip Liners

To emboss and create a boundary, use lip liners. It will definitely outline the curves of your lips.

6. Liquid Eye Liners

Liquid eye liners for a chinky eye result or it can be to put firm boundaries over your baggy eyes.

7. Kajal Eye Liners

Try Kajal eye liners, there are different shades but I’ll suggest that you try blue green or silver. Kajal eyeliners are very easy to put on. You won’t experience any tearing of the eye because the color easily sticks on the eyes’ lids.

8. Mascara

Make your lashes lively. You can either have lengthening mascara. Waterproof or thickening mascara, whatsoever it maybe – IT’S A MUST HAVE IN YOUR KIT.

9. Eye Shadow

Metallic, glittery, and liquid eye shadow are the new trends. Whatever your eye shadow is, the rule will always be dark eye shadow plus a light lipstick. Dark lipstick plus a light eye shadow. Don’t over dress your face by combining both dark colors.

10. Blushers

And the finale, a blusher for rose-colored cheeks. It can be a bronzer or a lady like pink blush on.

Troy Edwards