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Mountaineering – Why You Should Try It

Are you looking for a new way to do exercise? Than you need to know about mountaineering and why you should try it. There is nothing better than being out in the great outdoors while doing an activity that is fun, challenging and good for your healthy lifestyle.

Mountaineering is a very popular pass time for many people. It provides an opportunity to get out into the wild outdoors and experience Mother Nature at its finest. This type of exercise will give you the stamina to walk for long hours at a time and provide you with stealth like abilities to reach even the most difficult of summits. What most people don’t realise about mountaineering is the fact that in most cases it requires little more than just walking. It is not a fast paced exercise but rather one that will require a lot of stamina. Treks can be as little as 1 hour to 6 hours depending on what mountain you choose to climb. Some treks can even continue through the night on the way to the camp site. In some cases you may be required to manoeuvre around difficult obstructions to continue on your path, but it is not the same as having to scale a mountains face. The paths are safe and continue on a steady incline until you reach the summit or camp site. By taking on this sport you will be able to explore nature while building up your endurance and strength.

It is not only a sport that teaches you about exercise but also one that helps you to learn about yourself. Some people have said that climbing mountains gives you the opportunity to reflect on your everyday life. Helping you to achieve clarity on certain situations. In most cases it is not safe nor advisable to climb a mountain on your own. While being within a group you will have personal time while being able to learn about comradery. Even the most energetic person can struggle to reach the summits before them. You will learn how to help them get through the pain and possible mental block, while both enjoying an experience that you will never forget. Team work is very important especially when you choose to conquer some of the highest mountains in the world. While climbing you will find that you are learning skills that will truly enrich your life. There is always an end goal, you cannot stop, you have to continue or choose to turn back. Therefore it is a great test of your character, you will either push through and reach the top, or turn back in defeat. You will soon find that you have far more strength within yourself than you ever thought possible and will not give up on the challenge when you begin mountaineering.

Kenneth Nel