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Mom Jeans Are Back?

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Able Citizens, and Intelligent Members of the Public: Sadly, I must inform you that Mom Jeans are back. These horribly unfashionable women’s jeans are most recognizable by a mile high waist, roomy crotch, roomy everything that create “long butt”. The fact is that the jeans never really left. They have long been in low demand for people seeking muffin top camouflage, and you are likely to find a pair of these hot designer items on the dusty back shelves of a lonely roadside country store on a stretch of highway to nowhere. These jeans were artifacts from the 80s high waist style that fell far from anything considered fashion, but Vogue and notable celebrity icons now tout them as a hot denim trend. Youth-oriented retailers are also promoting the jeans as a novelty look, and banking on their return to skyrocket sales.

Express, Torrid, Gap, and Urban Outfitters are among those with high hopes. I remain unconvinced. I am not alone in my aversion. Many higher-end retailers and brands are proceeding cautiously with them. Some like 7 For All Mankind are offering fresh interpretations of the original jeans design that sit just below the belly button – a more flattering high waist that still hides your undies.

Most are incorporating stretch to help deliver the comfort that was likely the driving force leading to the creation of them years ago. Comfort is what most women seek when shopping for jeans. At least one brand has added side elastic in its interpretation. I will award a star for effort, but my toddler wears jeans like this. I just can’t get excited about them riding high above my belly button and hanging low behind. Who can twerk in this? You can thank me for that visual. Yikes! Regardless, I suppose that they do offer some benefits such as the function, comfort, and extra coverage that I mentioned above. I still hope that the return is fleeting, but Goldman Sachs describes these big-girl pants as a “macrotrend” that might play out for several years. When asked about Mom Jeans in an interview, Michelle Obama said, “You don’t have to go there anymore.” If you insist on looking to the days of President Reagan for your fashion inspiration, please rock your Mom Jeans appropriately.

Micki C.