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Makeup Tips: Choosing the Right Lipstick Shade!

Wearing the right makeup makes all the difference in the world. You would not want to be noticeable because you are wearing the wrong blush or lipstick, would you? That can get very uncomfortable, very fast! Lipsticks define who you are and what impression you are trying to give. Are you a soft, simple girl or the fun, party girl? In the mood to be asked out or would much rather be left alone? Yes, lip shades say it all! So how can you choose the perfect lipstick for you? Here are some suggestions:

For Blondes

Experts recommend that blondes go for gold or nude colors with just a hint of shimmery gloss. This will highlight their light tresses. The great thing is, all colors go equally well with blond hair. So you can apply whichever shade highlights your mood.

For Brunettes

Pale pink to rosy shade, fuchsia to vibrant red lipsticks, all look great on brunettes! Just make sure you don’t apply too much gloss on top of the bright color, it might look like your lips are melting!

Red Heads

If it’s the red curls you have, then opt for various shades of coral. They will balance the color between your hair and lips!

Some Small Tips

Many beauticians suggest that the best makeup is the one which is nearly invisible or such that it is not obvious! Not unless you want to make it stand out of course! In terms of makeup, most experts agree that the best shade of lipstick is a shade or two darker than your own lip color! All you have to do when selecting a lip shade is to apply a lip color on one part of your lip and see if its two shades darker than your original lips. If it is, you’ve found the perfect shade!

You can’t obviously wear the same shade all day, every day. Here are some things you can remember when choosing lipstick for different occasions:

  • Wear soft nude colors for day time events, including office, college or a meeting.
  • If you are going to an evening party or gathering, wear tones of pink or coral. These would make you look fresh and vibrant.
  • For night, you can choose dark and bright colors like red, maroon, glossy shines and other.

Just make sure you buy a quality brand so that your lips remain healthy and beautiful!

Sarah paul