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Is Hair styling a problem? Well it’s just the Technique which matters

Styled hair looks great on celebrities. Yet, to remember, they put dedicated efforts to upkeep their skin, body and hair. Specialists are assigned to take care of the same. What if we wish to style our own self? Beautifully twisted curls or just the perfect spirals you’ve always longed for. It can be possible only when you curl with utmost care and use proper styling equipments. Use of a good curling iron for better results.

1. Reaches up to 410 degree

2. 1″ Titanium plates glide smoothly through coarse and curly hair

3. Titanium plates provide eve heat for consistent styling

4. Option to set a timer for the iron to shut off automatically using the mode button

5. Option to change the temperature setting from Celsius to Fahrenheit using the mode button

6. Swivel cord moves during styling to prevent tangling

Here are the Steps to be considered for using a curling iron.

1. Heat to be set for curling. It is necessary to set the correct temperature. Some curling irons will have different settings which you can play around with until you achieve the best result. Try to keep it at the lowest temperature possible though, to cause less damage to your hair. A good guide is 320 degrees F for fine hair and 430 degrees F for thicker hair.

2. Hair should be completely dry. Ironing damp hair can be damaging. Hair gets burnt at times when hair is wet as the water will turn to scalding steam. . Run a blow dryer over any damp spots. Go for styling on complete dry hair.

 3. Apply heat protection Spray. The spray will help prevent damage from damage caused by exposure to high temperatures and prevent it from becoming dry and frazzled looking.

4. Hair serum is also a good option. Hair serum makes the hair shiner and does not allow them to entangle. It protects the hair from the damages done by over exposure to sun and hair styling products. The effect of the serum application remains till the next wash. It should be applied before styling.

5. Split your hair into sections. Pin or clip up the top section of your hair. Using your thumbs, grab everything that’s above the top of your ears and clip it up on top of your head. Release upper sections as you work. When the bottom section of hair is finished, unclip your hair and let out a little more, clipping up the excess again. Continue working this way until all your hair is curled.

6. Curl each section one after other calmly.

7. Apply Hair Spray. Hold the can about 12-14 inches away from your head and spray evenly around your head. Be careful not to apply too much.

We have learned about styling technique. Remember, we discussed in the beginning that styling greatly damages your hair as well. Thus, after care is necessary. Buy Jamaican Black Castor Oil for long, strong, healthy hair growth. Shea Butter offers wide range of products from shampoo, conditioner, and hair repair cream to a lot more hair products necessary for healthy, beautiful, shiny hair.

John Carry