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How to Use Aloe Vera to Treat Pimples?

Aloe Vera is a magical, medicinal plant that helps in treatment of acne and pimples. It has a great deal of magical properties which can help in curing almost any kind of skin problems.

The Egyptian Queen Cleopatra is rumored to have had active use of Aloe Vera in her skincare regime. The usage is greatly varied and can be used for various purposes.

1. The plant has anti-bacterial properties, which help in treating acne and thereby reducing the redness caused by it. The acne wounds are prevented from being infected with its anti-bacterial properties, thus accelerating the healing process.

2. The itching sensation caused by acne on skin is reduced to a great extent by regular usage. It is also useful in treating rashes and sunburns.

3. It removes all excess dirt and oil form the skin, thereby reducing, the chances of acne breakout any further. The inflamed nodules and cysts are also reduced to create much relief caused by acne.

4. It greatly promotes skin regeneration. It boosts the skin’s essential nutrients, thus boosting cell restoration and development. This s very helpful in removal of acne and scars, making skin look young and rejuvenated. It further reduces skin pigmentation, making skin look young and radiant.

5. Saponins like mannans, gibberellins and polysaccharides kills all acne causing bacteria and viruses. The Salicylic Acid contained in the plant, unclogs pores, eliminating blackheads and whiteheads deep from within the skin. It further regulates the PH balance of the skin.

6. The skin is clogged with the dirt-build up which leads to infection and blackheads. The gel tightens skin pores, thus reducing the activities of germs.

7. The usage of aloe vera helps reduce Zit scars, thus stopping pimple outbreak very quickly.

8. It also helps in soothing skin, thus making it softer and smoother.

9. The much essential properties contained in it, helps in healing and regenerating skin cells thus repairing the outermost layer of skin much faster, showing results in as less as one week.

10. It performs as a kind of natural bleach. When applied on skin, the acne reduces in size and thereby vanishes within days.

Acne can be a really tough job to get through with. It can cause ample amount of damage to your skin’s natural balance, not to mention the great amount of hideous and ugly scars they leave behind with it. This is your one shot cure to all your cane problems, given you are ready to address it from the inside too.

Lita Willem