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How To Keep Your Scalp Healthy in Summer

The heat is forever the enemy of the skin but we mortal humans have little to offer when fighting against the big red sun. Thankfully, we’ve evolved from that barbaric point of view and found our ways around the problem, creating solutions as we go.

How to battle the heat?

Use suitable scalp/hair care products

Did you notice how I put ‘hair and scalp’ care together just now? It wasn’t unintentional. My point is that one of it plays a crucial part in determining the well-being of the other. You can’t have healthy hair without a healthy scalp and it goes both ways. Use hair products labeled according to your scalp/hair characteristics. Products with UV blocks are a must.

Sunflower oil or any sunflower-based hair products are a good source of natural UV protection.

The important part is to understand the type of scalp that you have – dry, oily or if you’re lucky enough, normal. To identify your scalp type, you can look for the red flags and consequently, make your judgment based on them.

For oily scalp, your hair would have no split ends but would get greasy and oily after shampooing as soon as you reach the middle of the day.

For the dry ones, your hair would be hard and brittle, with ever-present split ends that would get very hard to style.

Anything other than these would fall under the normal category.

Stay away from swimming pools

It’s hot and all the beautiful people who can’t stand the salt and sand of a beach opt for the more tolerable approach of diving into the pool. It’s not wrong for you to do that but protect your head with swimming caps or apply any leave-on conditioner spray before you dive into the chlorine.

Chlorine in public pools is designed to keep the water clean with little care of what happens to your scalp or hair. Chlorine is also the content that plumbers use to dissolve clogs of a drain.

Proper hairstyle goes a long way

If you pay attention you would notice that in the summer time an abundance of braided hairstyles appears in the magazines for women while short hair cuts for men, in hot regions. Even though it is said that magazines only publish what is trending for beauty all the time, but not for this one.

Messy braids off the top of your head provide an extra layer of protection from the sun, while providing ways for it to release heat and dehumidify as opposed to the usual styles. Think of it as wearing a straw-hat rather than a cowboy hat.

Abby T