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How Do You Improve Your Performance As A Tennis Player?

Playing tennis is the best way of developing your strength, energy and fitness and it is also the great way of spending time with friends, family members and your relatives. If you wish to learn tennis and you want to show your best performance, then you must follow a few essential tips.

Learn the game rules

The first step is to know the basic rules that are related to tennis game. Normally you have to win six games in order to win one set and you should win two out of three sets in order to win a tennis match. Each tennis game starts with zero point earned by both players. The first point secured by one player is called fifteen, the second point is called thirty and the third point is known as forty. If the player secures forty points and the opponent player secures thirty points or even less than it, then the first player can earn next point and win the tennis game.

Develop knowledge about tennis strokes

You should learn to hold the racket in a right manner. The fundamental grip of the racket is called the continental grip where you would hold your racket in the similar way as you hold one hammer. The next step is to improve your serve. It is vital to remember that each point in the tennis game starts with one serve. If you wish to improve your performance you first have to improve tennis performance as soon as possible. You should begin with basic serve and when you improve your skills you could try out advanced serve. If you wish to improve the serve, you first have to stand behind the baseline near the middle portion of court with your foot that is not dominant in the front side. You should hold the racquet in the hand that is dominant and you should point out the shoulder in the exact direction where you wish to serve. In order to create stability, you should bounce the tennis ball on the floor for a few minutes.

Once you learn how to serve the ball, you should learn how to hit a forehand volley. All you have to do is to hold your racquet in the dominant hand and hit your ball just before it bounces with a downward motion. If you wish to try out backhand volley, you should hold the same racquet in the dominant hand and keep the back side of the hand in the opposite direction of the net.

Learn the Advanced Skills

When you learn the basic skills, you should try to gather knowledge about the advanced skills. You should try to learn an overhead shot. It is a special type of shot where the opponent player throws the tennis ball over the head and you should aim to slam it down on the opponent’s side so that it becomes quite impossible for that player to return your ball. The final step is to read the psychology of the opponent player. In order to become an expert player, you first have to understand that the skills and performance levels of two players are not alike. In order to win the tennis sport, you first have to exploit the weak points of the opponent and you should not allow him to show his strength by any means.

Donald Finch