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Hit the Waves Right: The Do’s and Don’ts of Surfing

Wouldn’t it be great to ride the waves, feel the refreshing splash of salty water on your face and become one with the sparkling ocean? Every surfer would attest to the thrill of the waves every time they ride their surf and there is no wonder a whole lot of individuals are trying out this hobby.

This water sport is definitely fun especially if you love to travel and look for top surfing places like South Central Vietnam. The Bai Dai Beach in Cam Ranh Bay offers one of the most pristine locations with white-sand beach. Visiting new locations to surf is ideal but when you are starting out, you have to observe several things. So before you grab your board and run with gusto towards the waves, learn some helpful guides and tips that will make every experience unforgettable and safe.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Surfing:

No alcohol and no surfing after eating

Alcohol is a big no-no when you are in the water. Not only will it put you in danger but you can also hurt other surfers as well. Same goes with eating food. As much as possible eat an hour before, similar to the rules applied in swimming. You don’t want to have those stomach cramps while you are in the middle of the ocean.

Mark your own comfort zone.

Are you dying to try those giant waves? Well, think twice before you do. Surfing requires skills and if you are just starting then surf the waves that you are comfortable with. No use doing the big thing when you’ll just end up embarrassing yourself or worse, be in an accident.

Don’t dress like a surfer and not act like one.

Surfers are a closely-knit group of community. They are like family whether you’re a newbie or not. What I important is that you have the spirit to ride the waves and learn as much as you want to improve your skills. There’s no use joining them with brand-new board and wetsuit only to sit on the shore.

Respect is a must.

When you are visiting a beach, respect other surfers and most especially the locals. If there are rules, follow them because they are there for a reason. Also make sure you are aware of other people in the water when your surf, what the conditions are and where you should do your surfing.

Never forget the sunblock.

Now this is one thing you mustn’t forget and you need to pick the water proof one for maximum effect. Sunburn is not just painful but it can cause serious skin problems in the long run that might put your surfing career in the line.

Have fun and make friends.

Surfing is best enjoyed when you have people to talk with about your experience. Get to know other surfers, learn from them, join a surf club and have fun in the process. Enjoying yourself whether you are riding the waves or lapping on your board or just plainly hanging out and exchanging stories are what make every surfer hit the oceans and beaches around the world every year.

Allan Goodman